For model-turned-actress Cameron Richardson, when it rains, it pours. She has spent the past two months on the island of Malta, where she ran into several uncharacteristic storms, filming her third feature, “Godspeed,” about a group of friends who get stranded in the ocean after diving off their boat. “It’s sort of like a cross between ‘Dead Calm’ and ‘Open Water,'” she says during a short break in Los Angeles for WWD’s shoot.

The 25-year-old is currently making her big-screen debut in the action film “Supercross,” costarring Aaron Carter and Sophia Bush, which opened last week. Richardson concedes that it’s “not an Oscar-winning movie,” but rather, a fun summer romp, much like “The Fast and the Furious” on motorbikes.

The actress also just wrapped the horror thriller “Rise,” with an eclectic cast that includes Marilyn Manson, Nick Lachey and Lucy Liu. Richardson shares the film’s first 10 minutes with Liu. “It’s a really sexy part,” Richardson reveals. “I play a prostitute that Lucy picks up to take back as food for the vampires.”

Richardson, who was born in Louisiana and grew up in New Jersey, made the leap from modeling to acting four years ago, when she won a part on the USA Network series “Cover Me,” a crime drama about an FBI agent who enlists his family in the service of infiltrating the mob.

“No one saw it, thank goodness,” she says, “but we made 22 episodes, so that was like my acting school.”

In her spare time, she plays the guitar and writes songs, a pastime she picked up while dating Mike Einziger of Incubus. (They are no longer together.) She also surfs as much as possible and bemoans the lack of waves in Malta. “It’s my own personal hell,” she says. “There’s all this water, and there are no waves.”

Her personal style is bohemian, and she says she buys “hippie tops” in different versions. “My favorite one right now is a white eyelet by Jill Stuart,” she says.

After the WWD shoot, it’s back to Malta for another couple of weeks, after which Richardson says she has no immediate plans, except to relax. “I am going to lie on my couch,” she announces.

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