Some girls really do have it all. Meet Louise Parker — the Society-repped model’s mug should look familiar. Since her big break in 2012 walking in Hedi Slimane’s debut for Saint Laurent, the Minnesota native has worked for some of the biggest luxury clients in the world.

“It was a bit ironic. I was like, ‘Really? We’re spending time in my least favorite place?’” Parker says of her latest runway appearance, Chanel’s airport-set spring 2016 show. “But it was fun, after doing my loop, I got to go up to the counter and get a ticket and check in for my ‘flight.’ It’s always fun to do something a little bit different and play a character.”

Parker has taken that fun a bit further as of late. She has a bit part in “Baby Baby Baby,” which took home the award for “Best Comedy” over the weekend at the Austin Film Festival. WWD spoke with the sandy-haired model-turned-thespian from a photoshoot in Joshua Tree last week.


WWD: How did this all come about?

Louise Parker: So my agent in Paris, Lena Bodet, is friends with the producer of the film, Robert Bower. She knows him because a few of the girls from Elite Paris have taken an interest in transitioning into acting so she’s helped them with that. He contacted her for two roles in his film that were written for models. And she thought of me and asked if this was something I’d ever be interested in doing and I said ‘Yes, please. I’d love to try that!’ So I Skyped with the producer and the next thing I knew I was flying out to film in L.A.


WWD: You’re in one scene. Tell me about it and your role.

L.P: The scene takes place at a house, it’s a Thanksgiving scene, well more of a Friendsgiving I guess. And I kind of play, a stereotypical, slightly ditzy model girlfriend type. When I read the scene I just thought it was so funny because that’s what everyone thinks models are like.


WWD: I know the film hasn’t premiered yet but what was it like seeing yourself in the trailer?

L.P.: I’m not going to lie, it felt pretty cool watching myself. And I was pretty flattered that my line was in the trailer. I thought that was pretty great.


WWD: Have you always had an interest in acting? Is this something you want to pursue?

L.P.: I mean I’ve always been interested in acting but I have friends who are pursuing it and I know that it’s not something you can just jump into without any experience. I don’t have any experience really — I did a few musicals in middle school but I don’t think that counts. But I’d definitely be open to trying it. I mean my favorite part of modeling is the acting part of it — being able to dress up and play different characters.


WWD: People have often compared acting and modeling and said how similar they are. Can you tell me how they’re different?

L.P.: Well there’s so much more going on in a movie set. When I showed up, I had little idea of what I was doing and I was quickly intimidated. There’s not just one camera, there are several. There’s so many people on set. Even when you’re on a photoshoot and all eyes are on you, you’re not speaking. You can’t really mess up on a photoshoot. Every click of the camera is a chance to get the shot and you don’t get all those chances to say your lines — you can totally get your line wrong or get the tone or attitude wrong. Luckily that didn’t happen.

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