Edie Falco celebrated her return to TV with the world premiere of her new Showtime series “Nurse Jackie” on Tuesday night at The Director’s Guild. So many people showed up to catch the screening, including Harvey Fierstein, Julianna Margulies, LL Cool J, Amanda Setton, Stockard Channing, Stephanie March and Dreama Walker of “Gossip Girl”, that a makeshift overflow room had to be commissioned, complete with standard flat- screen TV.


“I got scripts after “The Sopranos” and I read them and waited for something to move me. Something’s gotta grab my insides,” explained a Marc Jacobs-clad Falco. In this latest show, which premieres on Showtime on Sunday, she plays Jackie Peyton, a veteran emergency room nurse at Manhattan’s All Saints hospital who is addicted to drugs prescribed by her secret boyfriend (and hospital pharmacist). “I visited a bunch of emergency rooms but I think I discovered that it wasn’t so much about that,” said Falco. “It was more about who she was.”


Her pal Donna Karan also came to support her—the pair recently collaborated on an initiative for Karan’s Urban Zen foundation.  (Earlier in the day, that same work earned the designer an honorary nursing degree from Phillips Beth Israel Nursing School).


The after party decor at Le Parker Meridien hotel featured hospital beds, an MRI photo booth and “Vicotinis” at the bar. “I’m surprised they went to so much of an effort,” said series co-star Eve Best, taking advantage of the photo booth to snap shots of herself in her ivory Steven Alan dress.


Meanwhile, Falco herself was greeted with rounds of applause and received well-wishers as she mingled with co-stars Anna Deavere Smith and Peter Fachinelli.

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