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Inclusivity and diversity are current topics and Michelle Monaghan explored them ahead of the Salvatore Ferragamo show as her upcoming Netflix series, “Messiah,” is a “geopolitical, global thriller that takes place across many different countries. Messiah travels throughout the Middle East, America and through Europe and the story is told through many different perspectives, eyes, cultures and religions. This is ultimately what drew me to the story. I am grateful I can talk about [inclusivity], which is on top of everybody’s mind, we need to be more conscious about it. One of the reasons I like this story is because of the different narratives, cultures and people’s points of view. This is what we are lacking today, we have to be able to put our feet in someone else’s shoes, no matter the origin of country or what faith they practice. I am really proud to be a part of it and I think the audience will appreciate it.” Monaghan plays the role of a multilingual CIA agent and “she travels the world trying to discover this person and to see if he really is the Messiah.”

Maika Monroe, who attended her first Ferragamo show, spoke of her latest film, “Honey Boy,” in which she and Lucas Hedges play the roles of young actors in “a big budget film in a relationship on and off the set.” Monroe is based in Los Angeles, where the movies was filmed, “so it’s always nice to go home at the end of the day.”