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Not even two temporary blackouts could quell the excitement over Prada’s new Rodeo Drive “epicenter,” as hundreds of West Coast Prada-philes, decked out in chiffon, rhinestones and sequins, flooded the Rem Koolhaas-designed store on Thursday to ogle the architecture and the merchandise.

“This place is freaky — in a good way,” proclaimed Mischa Barton, while Rose Byrne pronounced it “cerebral.”

Miuccia has always been a magnet for creative people,” said Milla Jovovich, who checked with the designer to see if she could accessorize her Prada frock with items from her own line, Jovovich Hawk. “She was one of the first who supported my designing. I’ve always said that her shoes and bags will disappear someday but her buildings will remain.”

Apparently, one building was not enough to celebrate, so the designer commanded the historic Beverly Hills Post Office a few blocks away to host a late-night dinner and dancing for the rocker crowd of Gwen Stefani, Anthony Kiedis and Pamela Anderson.

But it wasn’t such a good night for the Davis clan. Bad-boy Brandon got a public lashing from his girlfriend, Barton, after being escorted out by a security guard who caught him smoking in the store. Meanwhile, younger brother Jason got stuck outside of the post-party when police showed up to control the crowd.

“I think I recognize that guy,” he said of one of the officers. “He’s pulled me over, like, six times.”

The previous night, 50 A-listers enjoyed a seated dinner served on 17th-century china flown in for the event. Among them were Kate Bosworth, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Lindsay Lohan, who returned the next night to mull over potential purchases.

“I’ve had my eye on a pink bag,” she said. “Milla and I were joking that since there aren’t tags on them tonight, we could probably just grab them and run.”