Nadine Jane

If you’ve attended a fashion dinner in recent memory, you’ve likely been asked what your sign is.

Scratch that: you’ve likely been asked your sign, then quizzed on your rising sign, your moon sign, your natal chart, and just how your Jupiter return affected your life.

Yes, the fashion industry loves astrology.

The feeling is mutual for Nadine Head-Gordon, the people operations manager at Glossier, who has combined her passion for astrology with her background in fashion, beauty, technology and design to launch Nadine Jane Astrology, an Instagram account and newly unveiled web site along with in-person readings. It’s astrology for the fashion-loving Instagram set.

“I think the hole in the market is how do you combine technology and design with astrology in a way that feels super modern?” Head-Gordon says from her East Village apartment on a recent morning. “I’ve worked in the fashion and beauty industries long enough to understand marketing, and I think it’s so important that the tone of voice, for this generation…you can’t talk about astrology in cliches. The thing about Instagram is it’s so my generation. I love astrology and I’ve learned so much online, but the issue with the web sites is they’re super long-winded; they’re not easily digested. If you can teach people astrology through three sentences at a time, that is where you’re going to get our generation to start understanding astrology.”

Head-Gordon, 25, professes a lifelong love for the subject, but decided to launch a business out of it when in the midst of her Jupiter return, at age 24 (for those unaware: “Jupiter is the god of plenty and aspirations and what you want to do with your life, so when you have your return it’s a time of deciding what the next chapter is.”)

“I had this total identity crisis of ‘my long-term goal was to be a creative director,’” Head-Gordon says. “The Jupiter return is about breaking down all of the ideas you had set for yourself so you can rebuild it for the next 12 years. I was having a fight with my boyfriend [one weekend] and I had to do something to distract myself; my friends had been telling me forever that I needed to launch my site, and I’d always done readings by word of mouth.”

She started with bite-sized, Millennial-friendly readings in Instagram posts of “the funny one-liners I’d come up with: for Aquarius, it was, ‘You’re the first of your friends to discover Hot Topic,’ because Aquarians are very cutting edge,” she says.

Head-Gordon formerly worked as an art director, with brands like Solid & Striped and Morgan Lane. Initially worried her fashion background wouldn’t prove useful in a switch to tech (and astrology), she notes that it’s been quite the opposite.

“All my internships were in fashion — I really thought that was it,” she says. “The thing I admire about the fashion industry is it really has accepted and brought astrology to the masses. The fascinating thing about the fashion industry is that people are so informed [about astrology]. It’s impressive. The fashion industry is very on top of their astrology knowledge.”

For her account, she sources images from photographers she likes or brands whose campaigns she admires, like Mansur Gavriel.

“The beautiful thing about pulling swipe from the fashion industry is that if you want to describe a detached cool kid who is ahead of the trends and is an individual and likes to be unique, you can find way more references for that in the fashion world than you could Googling, ‘What does an Aquarius full moon look like?’” she says.

Though currently a hobby (with some income: readings go for $120) she is open to the idea of turning to astrology full-time one day.

Aside from having one of the most moodboard-prime accounts on the app, visually speaking, the copy works in tandem to inspire and illuminate.

“My biggest motivation on a personal level is I think astrology is insanely healing for people,” Head-Gordon says. “The thing that’s beautiful about astrology is that in order to change your behavior or enhance your behavior, you have to acknowledge behavior. It’s a very self-affirming thing to do.”

Nadine Jane

Nadine Head-Gordon  Lexie Moreland/WWD

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