Naomie Harris poses for a photo before the Swarovski Star is raised to the top of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, in New York.

Thanksgiving is a week away, which means New York City is operating in peak Christmas mode. A 13-ton Norway Spruce has already claimed its usual spot next to the ice-skating rink in Rockefeller Center and this morning, Swarovski unveiled the star that will shine from the top of it.

“Moonlight” actress and friend of Atelier Swarovski Naomie Harris was named this year’s star raiser, which means she can rattle off all of the interesting tidbits about the massive decoration. “It’s, like, 550 pounds and 300 pounds worth of that is crystals,” she said from inside the Swarovski store in Rockefeller Center. “There are 25,000 crystals in it. It’s a lot of work that has gone into it — 15 people have been responsible for making it.”

Harris added that she aligns herself with Swarovski’s “ethos about female empowerment,” as well as the brand’s efforts to create sustainable jewelry. “What’s so important for me is with the Atelier Swarovski line, they’ve created diamonds, so we know that they’re not from conflict areas,” she said. “Nobody’s been harmed in the making of the jewelry and they’re more environmentally friendly. That for me means a lot because there’s no point if you’re wearing something beautiful that you know that somebody was harmed [or] suffered as a result.”

The first piece of diamond jewelry she received was from her uncle. “My uncle actually designs jewelry, just for fun really,” she said. “He made me a little diamond necklace. I think I was about 15 or something like that. I remember it had a cross and I wore it with such pride. I loved it.”

Harris will star alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in 2018’s “Rampage” (out April 20), but for now, she’s looking forward to awards season. “I’ve heard a lot about ‘Mudbound,'” she shared. “I actually haven’t seen it yet, but I am dying to see that because everybody is raving about that movie and raving about the performances in it as well. What makes Christmas even more special is I get sent — because I’m a member of the Academy this year — I get sent all the screeners, so it means that I get to watch all these movies at Christmas, which is amazing. I’m so looking forward to that — having marathon screenings.”

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