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Even though one of the Chateau Marmont’s two notoriously slow elevators was out of order, it didn’t stop Shirley Maclaine from hitting the New York Times Style magazine party at Penthouse with pal Dani Janssen. “That was fun, but very crowded,” she said as she prepared to walk down six flights of stairs.


Inside, stars didn’t seems to mind being packed like sardines as Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise rubbed elbows with Tom Ford and Julianne Moore, Harvey Weinstein shook hands with Quentin Tarantino, Sofia and Roman Coppola, and just about every starlet of the moment made a fashion statement, including Zoe Saldana, Carey Mulligan, Elizabeth Banks, Amber Heard, Diane Kruger, Mamie Gummer and Chloe Sevigny.


“Oh, this little thing?” Sevigny shrugged of her Dior frock. “I just pulled it out of my bag,” she joked. When the space inevitably reached capacity, nominees were turned away at the door and told that Moet and Chandon Champagne was being served in the lobby as a consolation. “What mayhem,” said Alice Eve, “Now it’s a total bumperfest.”

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