Nicola Peltz

“Even though I wasn’t around in the Eighties, it’s such a documented time,” Nicola Peltz says, when discussing her new television pilot “When the Street Lights Go On.” Those who loved “Stranger Things” are likely to get behind Brett Morgen’s drama about a small town dealing with the murder of a young woman, played by Peltz in a series of flashbacks. “She’s supposed to be the perfect daughter and an A student, but she’s so f–king sad,” says the 22-year-old. “She’s a drug addict and she’s screwing around with her teachers even though she has the perfect boyfriend. Looking at a photo of her, you would never know, so that’s a fun part for me to play.”

Viewers will have to wait for more details, as the series is seeking distribution at Sundance. “I read some of the episodes after and the writers told me she gets even darker than we think she is,” says the actress, who previously starred on “Bates Motel” in addition to playing Mark Wahlberg’s daughter in “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

Up next, Peltz has a film called “Youth in Oregon” with Christina Applegate, Billy Crudup and Frank Marghella as well as the psychological thriller “Our House.” She said she dreams of working with David O. Russell in the future and credits her parents, her brother (fellow actor Will Peltz), and supportive girlfriends like Sofia Richie with helping her navigate Hollywood.

“It’s important for girls to support girls,” she says. “I don’t get the whole competitive thing. I always believe for jobs that everything happens for a reason. I have the job I’m supposed to have. I haven’t gotten a job and I’ve been bummed about it, but when I think about it, that was [someone else’s]. It was never mine to have. I think that’s what keeps me sane because this business is nuts.”