Some of the guests at Pamela Harriman’s fete for the Musee National de Blerancourt on Friday were more polite than others.

Gaby van Zuylen, Marie de Rothschild, Lynn Wyatt and Jackie de Ravenal didn’t stray far from the champagne, but others sneaked off for a peek at the famous Harriman art collection, which includes a Sargent and a Matisse.

Some of the same crowd showed up for the opening of the new boite Le Bar du Cercle in the Pavillon de Ledoyen. Homero Machry had 30 people for dinner beforehand at Le Cercel Ledoyen, including Sao Schlumberger, Marisa Berenson, Pierre Passebon and Jacques Grange, who designed the airy place.

“I just got in last night and wanted to rest up, so I decided to come out for a drink,” said Lynn Wyatt, as a belly dancer undulated by.

Gianfranco Ferre had Milan on his mind while he hosted such notables as Barbara Hendricks, Robert Altman, his wife Kathryn, daughter Konni Corriere, and Anouk Aimee at a dinner for Dior. “I have to go to Milan to finish the Ferre ready-to-wear,” lamented Ferre.

On the other hand, Michel Klein, Guy Laroche’s new couturier, had nothing but Paris on his mind at a little dinner for 150 Laroche threw in his honor. “I’m exhausted but elated, and dying to do a second collection,” said a beaming Klein.