PARIS — Shot from above on a black carpet in square format, Caroline Lebar’s fruit pies resemble works of art on her Instagram feed — and French publisher Marabout took notice.

The result is “Une Tarte Pour Dimanche,” or “A Pie for Sunday,” a compact, 88-page tome out this week in France with a cover price of 10.90 euros, or $11.70.

Karl Lagerfeld’s longtime director of communications, and no fan of baking, Lebar whipped up a pie one weekend simply to use up a surplus of blackberries at her country home. “The first one you can see is a mess,” she confesses.

Indeed, a barbed comment from a friend under that initial post compelled her to arrange fruit for her next pies in precise, geometric forms, yielding desserts as captivating as kaleidoscopes.

“Since then, I make one a week, except in August when the kitchen is closed,” Lebar said with a peal of laughter, insisting her hobby is “not professional at all.”

The book includes 41 pies — peach slices, fig wedges and blackberries are particularly photogenic — and six different crust recipes, from shortbread to cinnamon sugar.

Asparagus-thin and forever dressed in jeans and black blazers like her boss, Lebar clearly doesn’t consume all the fruits of her labor. “But my husband gained 10 pounds,” she said, laughing again.

Apple and nuts tart.

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