Young ParisWhitney Art Party, New York, USA - 14 Nov 2017

When we first encountered Young Paris it was nearly a year ago, and the rising musician was a relatively unknown face in the industry. To any fashion person with an interest in music, that has drastically changed, as the rising singer signed with Roc Nation and has become a well-recognized face on the scene, turning up at Art Basel in December (where he fell into the pool at the Moschino party), the CFDAs, and NYFW:M. Tuesday night he was once again out on the town, this time to perform at the annual Whitney Art Party.

“I just released my latest EP, ‘Let Me Love You’ about a month ago, and it’s doing very well,” he said Tuesday night, from the lobby of the museum. “The Afrobeats sound is becoming more and more in pop culture. When we met before I was trying to lead and get people excited about it and now it’s becoming [big]…Justin Bieber and Drake [are doing it]. So I’m really happy with what’s happening in music and personally in fashion, doing the CFDA awards, and having Telfar win, just being invited by these beautiful fashion brands to showcase my image.”

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Of his many busy nights out this past year, Paris promises that while 2017 was all about the parties, he’ll be staying in a bit more in the coming months “It’s been a cool, fun year to be out at parties. But next year is all about music,” he said.

His highlight over the past year is the rise of Afrobeats sound in the mainstream, which he hopes he had something to do with.

“I think Major Lazer is doing cool things, Pharrell is into it, Will.i am is playing with the sound. I love to see these kids from back home that we’d hear in our culture being translated to pop culture is very cool,” he said. “But now it’s about us being part of that conversation. So getting these collaborations — like even working with a Bieber or Alicia Keys or Major Lazer — these are big things that I have in my mind.”

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