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Art lovers looking for an alternative to a pricy Parisian trip now can view some of the same masterpieces at “Louvre Atlanta.”

“The Louvre and the Ancient World” and “The Eye of Josephine” are the latest installments at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art in a three-year partnership with one of the world’s most famous museums. This affiliation started in 2006 and runs through 2009.

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“The Tiber,” a 10-foot-long marble sculpture from Roman antiquity, greets visitors at the entrance. Discovered in 1512, the statue, restored for this exhibition, depicts a virile River God, Romulus and Remus at his side, a metaphor for the river’s mythical powers of fertility.

The Ancient World exhibit includes some of the Louvre’s oldest antiquities, dating from the third millennium B.C. to the third century A.D., from Egypt and areas of modern Iraq and Syria.

“The Eye of Josephine,” a mix of Greco-Roman and Egyptian frescoes and bronze and marble statues, highlights the 19th-century fascination with antiquities. Like her predecessor Marie Antoinette, Josephine Bonaparte aspired to be the art and cultural authority of France, and displayed many of these works at Malmaison, her residence near Paris.

Josephine’s collection isn’t the only female point of view examined at the High Museum.

“Georgia O’Keefe and the Women of the Stieglitz Circle” highlights O’Keefe’s iconic

floral landscapes and the lesser- known, but equally fascinating, work of five women — Pamela Colman Smith, Katharine Nash Rhoades, Georgia Engelhard, Gertrude Käsebier and Anne Brigman, all protégés of photographer Alfred Stieglitz, O’Keefe’s husband.

From Käsebier’s pastoral scenes of mother and child to Brigman’s female nudes intertwined with trees, rocks and natural landscapes, the exhibition portrays the women’s struggles for independence and expression and the emergence of photography as an art form.

“The Eye of Josephine” runs through May 18, “The Louvre and the Ancient World” runs through Sept. 7 and “Georgia O’Keefe and the Women of the Stieglitz Circle” runs through May 4.

The High Museum of Art Atlanta is at 1280 Peachtree Street, NE; 404-733-4437 or