Members of the Clinton team have been busy working the Washington party circuit these days.

The other night, White House loyalists like George Stephanopoulos, Ira Magaziner, Mandy Grunwald and Paul Begala turned out at the Washington Press Club Foundation with such media heavies as Ted Koppel, Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters, who came with Sen. John Warner, one of Liz Taylor’s exes and Barbara’s steady.

Two nights later, the Clintons made an impromptu appearance at David Pryor Jr.’s Blue Jean Bash at the National Buildings Museum. Coming from the elitist Alfalfa Club’s annual dinner, the President, in a tuxedo, and Hillary, in a black velvet gown, stuck out in the sea of denim.

“We just went to this sort of stuffy dinner,” explained Clinton, who appeared on stage with fellow saxophonist Clarence Clemons, at around midnight. “We had to crack jokes to liven it up.”

Although his young fans called out to him to play the sax, Clinton, recovering from laryngitis, just pointed to his mouth. Perhaps he was saving his voice for the White House dinner for the governors on Sunday. After dinner, some of the governors’ children got the VIP treatment from David Gergen, who gave them a guided tour of the President’s office and the Rose Garden.

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