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Leave it to Trevor Traina to keep San Francisco’s young and beautiful set on its toes. For his 35th birthday bash on Saturday at North Beach’s Broadway Studios, Traina instructed his guests to come dressed as Seventies TV characters — and almost everyone heeded the dress code.

The birthday boy arrived as “Fantasy Island” honcho Mr. Roarke, accompanied by a Tattoo-like sidekick he flew in from L.A. The impersonator (who wore Herve Villechaize’s original suit) wasn’t the only prop flown in — the original dance floor from “Saturday Night Fever,” on loan from the Hollywood set of the “Starsky and Hutch” remake, was the other Seventies relic on hand. Buoyed on by the hired “Solid Gold” dancers, guests — including Todd Traina and fiancée Katie Orr (as “Bewitched” couple Darrin and Samantha), the Swanson sisters Alexis, Veronica and Claybourne (as Charlie’s Angels), Billy and Vanessa Getty (as Ginger of “Gilligan’s Island” and an overly tall Tattoo), and Cecilia DeQuesada (as Wonder Woman) — weren’t shy about getting down. Even Kimberly Newsom, who arrived in her everyday wear with husband and mayoral candidate Gavin citing “several campaign functions earlier” that made it impossible to dress up, couldn’t resist grooving to Donna Summer.

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Over in “The Love Boat”-themed room, Michael J. Fox chatted with a pack of Marcia Brady and Daisy Duke look-alikes, while in the “I Dream of Jeannie” room, Vanessa Getty sank into one of the pink and purple satin couches. “The wig was about all I could manage at six months pregnant,” she said, although she also squeezed into a custom-made white jersey dress.

Meanwhile, her husband marveled at the fabric content of his white duds, which he and Traina rented at a tux shop popular with prom-bound teenagers. “I think this is what they call merino-weight polyester,” Getty joked.

“They actually asked me if I was going to a prom,” added Traina. “The white suit I owned was too nice, so I had to rent one that was appropriately tacky.”

The party didn’t die down until well after 2 a.m., when the guests were finally shooed out, happily clutching their party favor — a pet rock, of course.

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