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LOS ANGELES — Rebecca Miller’s film “Personal Velocity,” which opens this Friday, focuses on the lives of three New York women (played by Parker Posey, Kyra Sedgwick and Fairuza Balk) at crossroads. It’s not, however, a typical chick flick, as Manhattan-dwellers Miller, Posey and Sedgwick explained during a trip to the West Coast last week.

“There’s such a richness and humanity in what Rebecca’s written,” Posey says. “I know that sounds grandiose, but it’s really true. It has aesthetic sensibility without smelling like bad perfume. There’s nothing precious about it.”

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Indeed, the movie paints a gritty, sometimes funny, portrait of Posey’s ambitious book editor, Balk’s traumatized runaway and Sedgwick’s small-town babe, who suffers at the hand of her violent husband. “The stories were an amalgam of people I’d known and observed, bits of myself and my imagination,” Miller says. The film, Miller’s second (she wrote and directed “Angela” in 1995), was based on her book of seven short stories and was shot in 16 days and 40 locations.

But while actors and director alike insist the film goes deeper than typical feminine fare, it does boast a major fashion moment — one that rings true to life. Posey’s character splurges on a pair of alligator Manolo Blahnik pumps after receiving a promotion, and Posey admits she often does the same.

“I just bought these Dirk Bikkemberg boots at Tootsie Plohound. And I’ll treat myself to a Vivienne Westwood coat — but only at a sample sale. Never pay full price,” she proclaims. “Never.”

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