Phoebe Ryan, 25, is destined for a breakout year — her debut single, “Mine,” took off (with a little help from Taylor Swift) and she’s set to release her album later this year. Here, the New Jersey native talks Shakespeare favorites, touring with Charlie Puth, and how she keeps her hair so green.

Favorite Taylor Swift song: “Love Story”

Most accurate Jersey Shore cliché: “Big hair is better!”

Favorite Shakespeare piece? “’Twelfth Night.’ When I was a senior I got to be Juliet, which was just my dream from forever. But ‘Twelfth Night’ is my favorite, for sure.”

Funniest moment from touring with Charlie Puth: “Pretty much every night hanging with my band in our hotel rooms, jumping on the beds and playing music.”

First concert you attended: “*NSYNC 2001, ‘Space Odyssey’”

Most recent concert you attended: “Spank Rock”

What do you listen to while on the road? “On this past tour with Charlie Puth I find myself listening to a lot of folk music, like Bob Dylan, and a lot of Ben Kweller. For some reason Dolly Parton has been cheering me up a lot lately. Even like heavy metal music I listen to a lot.”

Best hair product for keeping the color: “Dry shampoo”

Favorite New York spot from your NYU days: “Curry in a Hurry”