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Art Basel Miami is always an art-world cluster f–k of “somebodies” and “nobodies.”

Apropos, I was in town exhibiting in a group installation “The World of Mr Somebody and Mr Nobody.”

Of course, I’m a somebody…and my new best friend, fashion designer Berhnard Willhelm, who was also showing his wares with me in the Design District, is also a somebody…but I’m not sure about the rest of them.

Everyone seemed to be scrambling to get on the right party list, get to the real vernissage; not the one full of press or hoi polloi. “See me but don’t shoot me” also seems to be an Art Basel sign of a real somebody. At the fair that started it all, Peter Marino, wearing his leather-daddy finest, chortled to me not to take his picture when politely asked at the entrance.

Inside, Tobey Maguire threw his hand up to my camera and exclaimed “I rather you didn’t.” I understand his wanting privacy though, especially amidst the 70,000 visitors that were in town.

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