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A cocktail party at a Chelsea Art gallery seems like a dime a dozen invite. Alas, when the guest of honor is Bono and that Chelsea art gallery is Gagosian, things run a little bit differently. At the cocktail party to celebrate the Red Auction (which took place at Sotheby’s Thursday night), the room was awash with an eclectic group of designers (Phillip Lim, Narciso Rodriguez, Francisco Costa, Patrick Robinson, Erin Fetherston, Donna Karan, Tory Burch and Derek Lam), rock stars (Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Stipe, Patti Smith), big-time businessmen (Rupert Murdoch, Tom Freston, Barry Diller) and even some socialites and royalty thrown in for good measure (Poppy Delavingne, Ann Grauso and Queen Noor).

Despite all those egos in one room, humility abounded. Lim, for his part, was nervous to meet the U2 front man. “I’m working up my courage to talk to him with this drink,” the designer confessed.

Chuck Close, whose work was on display at the fete, was similarly in awe of the Irish rock star. “I’m a huge fan of his work,” the artist said. And, it seems, the feeling was mutual. “He scratches my back, I scratch his,” Bono said of his relationship with Close.

With all that fawning, guests had little energy left to consider their bids for the art on display. “All of the stuff in here shines until you see the price tag and you’re like ‘ah’” Bon Jovi said.

Close also wasn’t in the market for something new. “I don’t really look to buy. When you’re an artist you have all the artwork you could ever want,” he said.

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