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CAT POWER: Talk about girl power. Gal Gadot — aka “Wonder Woman” — and Rebel Wilson added wattage to the front row of the Givenchy show on Sunday night, held in a barely lit structure in the park of the Jardin des Plantes, with trees visible through the roof. Other guests at the event included Lewis Hamilton and Sam Smith. 

Wilson chatted about her role in the film adaptation of “Cats,” which she produced, costarring Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Swift. 

Wilson, who plays Jennyanydots, “the funny female cat in the show,” confessed she’s actually allergic to felines. “So there is that issue, I don’t actually own a cat; I did as a child, but not anymore,” she said. On working with Swift, she added: “She bought everyone presents; she’s such a cool chick.” 

Wilson also talked about another film she’s produced, ”The Hustle.” “That’s got a lot of big fashion in it, as it’s set in the South of France,” she noted.

On her go-to brands, “Obviously Givenchy is my favorite, because they make me these beautiful custom outfits,” said Wilson, who will be launching a shoe line for her clothing brand in September. “My stuff is obviously not as high-end as what we will see at Givenchy, it’s very casual streetwear, but it’s been a fast learning curve,” added the actress, who at the Givenchy after party was presented with a birthday cake by the brand’s creative director, Clare Waight Keller.

After the show, just perceptible in the speckled lights dappling guests, Gadot gave her appraisal of the collection. “Beautiful!” she said. “I loved some of the black dresses with the jewelry on them — and the suits.” 

Rosamund Pike revealed herself to be quite the fashion critic. 

“I thought this new runway was exquisite, seeing the trees above and then the nature prints, with the placement of the flowers so beautifully done on the Fortuny pleating,” she said. “Clare’s blending of the masculine and feminine, it’s always inspiring. The shapes and structure and deconstruction, she does it like nobody else.”

When asked what she is working on, she replied: “TV. ‘State of the Union’ with Chris O’Dowd.”

“A comedy, thank god!” she added, disappearing into the night. 

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