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There were no Davids or Vitruvian men Wednesday evening at the Salvatore Ferragamo cocktails celebrating an exhibit of contemporary art entitled “Renaissance.” Instead the works on display in the fashion house’s Fifth Avenue store focused on variations of floral themes by artists like Amy Beecher, Nina Bovasso and Katja Mater. Guests including Malcolm Gladwell, Behnaz Sarafpour, Valesca Guerrand-Hermes and Rufus Albemarle sipped margaritas as they checked out the pieces.

“I’ve done four collaborations with Ferragamo,” explained Blair Voltz Clarke, who curated the grouping. “They don’t hang ties next to the art.”

Co-host Eva Amurri seemed to have recovered from the festivities earlier this week, which allowed her to meet fellow hostess Lake Bell.

“We’d never met before. For weeks we’d been trying to get coffee but we couldn’t make it happen and then I saw her at the Met,” she explained. And how did the ingenue look so fresh faced after the Costume Institute and a “Conan O’Brian” appearance the night before? “I’m 23 — I have youth on my side.”

Diane Kruger, who is apartment hunting in New York this week and keeping up a social schedule that has her close to becoming a Ubiquitor, has another solution.

“I try not to get drunk every night,” she joked.

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