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What does a motley crew of scruffy comedians, teenage models, B-list actors, and socialites have in common? Pot, apparently. Just such a group gathered on Tuesday night to fete the latest product from the Judd Apatow family: the stoner action comedy “Pineapple Express.”

The flick was co-written by Apatow’s protégé Seth Rogen, who also stars alongside James Franco as his drug dealer. The pair showed up for the premiere, as well as Rosie Perez (who plays a cop), and Apatow fans from Patrick Wilson, Martha Plimpton and Rumer Willis to Rachel Roy, Byrdie Bell and Jessica Joffe.

Not everyone in the crowd was a pot smoker, though: “Alcohol is my drug of choice,” professed SNL’s Seth Meyers, despite his two years spent living in Amsterdam after college.

As for Franco, he had run into some problems promoting the movie. “I went on TRL today and they told us we couldn’t say “weed” so of course I had to say it,” he said gleefully.

“He said it about 121 times,” lamented his manager. “The segment is going to be about eight seconds long if they bleep it all out.”

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