Rihanna following the VMAs.

If you took one thing away from Sunday night’s MTV VMAs, it was likely that the Rihanna and Drake dating rumors are alive, well and thriving — and the Internet wants to know more. Thanks to Drake’s admission that RiRi is “someone I have been in love with since I was 22 years old,” during his introduction for her Video Vanguard crowning, shippers of “#aubrih” — that would be Aubrey Drake Graham and Robyn Rihanna Fenty — did the first thing any modern-day celebrity worshipper does and headed directly for social media to discuss.

Now, it seems, Rihanna and Drake are adding to the rumors. Following a slew of outfit changes onstage at the VMAs, Rihanna was spotted out in what appears to be the shirt Drake wore with his tuxedo at Sunday’s awards. Does this mean what we think it means, dear #aubrih devotees?

Instagram commenters certainly seem to think so. “Wearing her man’s shirt after spending the night with him,” one wrote beneath a photo, before a litany of gushing emojis. Another simply wrote “screaming,” too titillated to elaborate.

Adding to the speculation, Rihanna was snapped in said shirt walking alongside a security guard dressed in Drake’s tour merch, a sweatshirt reading “revenge.” Make of that what you will.

And the cherry on top? The domain for “drakeandrihanna.com” has begun to circulate — the homepage opens to a countdown clock, which has fans spiraling into a guessing game of what might be announced. A music collaboration? A clothing line? A declaration of true, chart-topping, tuxedo shirt-wearing love? The countdown is on.

We’ll keep you posted, but until then, this just in: this afternoon WWD confirmed that the shirt was in fact not by the designer. And just like that, Insta dreams are crushed.