Rita Ora Rimmel London

LONDON — Singer and Rimmel brand ambassador Rita Ora recently met with vloggers at the YouTube studio in London for Rimmel’s first beauty vlogging contest. The musician’s latest collection with the brand launched this month, and she was involved with the color creation process and naming the products in the lineup. WWD sat down with Ora to discuss her London look, beauty regime and the new Rimmel collection.

WWD: How would you define your makeup look?
Rita Ora: I define it by keeping it real and keeping it natural to a certain degree. I’m a big fan of colors. I just think that being from London that it’s all about being effortless.

WWD: Can you tell us about your beauty regime? What’s the one beauty product you cannot live without?
R.O.: Does moisturizing cream count? I’m addicted. I travel a lot and my skin gets very dry on the planes. I’m very obsessed with hydration. I drink a lot of water and try to sleep as much as I can. And for me it’s all about the coverage.

WWD: How does your daytime look differ from nighttime and onstage?
R.O.: For daytime I try to not wear as much. But nighttime, when I do my shows, I love to go put on eyeliner and massive lashes. Sometimes, my make up artist tells me ‘You need to calm down!’ For a night out, color on the lip never goes wrong. Even if I don’t have time to do my whole face, if you put lipstick on and some mascara, it’ll look like you put on some effort.

WWD: Are you experimental with beauty products or do you tend to stick to the same items?
R.O.: I’m experimental. The great thing about Rimmel is that they have great variations in their foundations and different types of lipsticks and lip gloss. Rimmel’s mascara with argan oil is so good because I don’t have that many eyelashes. So, when I put it on, it feels like I have loads of lashes and they tint, which is awesome.

WWD: What is your favorite makeup trend at the moment?
R.O.: I think it’s the eyeliner flicks.

WWD: What was your experience like creating your makeup line?
R.O.: I’m really involved in the colors and especially because they gave me a little freedom with the name. One of my favorites, I do really love is “Give It Some Willy” [a gray nail polish]. I like grays and monochrome tones at the moment.

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WWD: You’ve said that if you didn’t have a career in music, you’d be interested in working at a magazine. Is there a certain role that would interest you?
R.O.: I don’t have a specific one. I like the way they work. A close friend of mine is an editor, and he said you get to create a lot and come up with mood boards and themes. Sounds fun.

WWD: Can you tell us about your current projects and future plans?
R.O.: I’m super excited. Obviously we have this collection dropping. I start shooting “50 Shades of Grey” in April playing Mia Grey for three months in Vancouver, and I’m always recording. So this year, I’ll have a new album out.

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