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Had Les Deux Cafés existed in the Eighties, the scene probably would have been a lot like it was on Friday night, when owner Michele Lamy, designer Rick Owens, and friends threw a bash for Blondie and Siouxsie and the Banshees, both on tour in L.A. Amidst a crowd heavy on the eyeliner and punk stripes, Kenny Scharf chatted with David La Chapelle, while everyone congratulated the newly engaged Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane. Arianne Phillips recalled working on a video with Blondie and Debbie Harry way back when.

“She didn’t let me dress her though,” said Phillips. “She brought her own Gaultier catsuit.”

This story first appeared in the August 14, 2002 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

“She’s what supermodels are made of,” gushed Jeremy Scott.

Harry mingled with guests like Macy Gray and Matt Damhave, while Siouxsie Sioux took on party fixture Paris Hilton.

“You’re ruining my party,” she snapped, as the heiress babbled away on a crystal-encrusted cell phone.

Earlier in the week, yet another Hollywood hipster band made its debut. With Jared Leto on vocals and guitar, 30 Seconds to Mars took to the stage at the Troubador.

“Um, well, we’re kind of a new band, and it’s so f—in’ cool that you all came out tonight,” he stammered.

The tunes may have been — ahem — a little raw, but the Cameron Diaz look-alikes in the audience couldn’t have cared less. Clad in low-slung jeans and newsboy hats, they tried to groove with the music — or at least yell above the din. “Jared looks really cute tonight!” shrieked one new fan.

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