Rowan Blanchard

There’s always at least one fresh face from Hollywood making the rounds at New York Fashion Week, and this season it’s 14-year-old Rowan Blanchard, who stars as Riley Matthews on the Disney show “Girl Meets World.” Blanchard modeled in Monday night’s Opening Ceremony show and was on hand at the premiere of her first adult project, the Kenzo fall short film “The Realest Real,” directed by Carrie Brownstein, who also emceed the OC show with “Portlandia” costar Fred Armisen.

“It was fun because it was one of my first things outside of Disney,” Blanchard told WWD at the recent Creatures of the Wind dinner. “There’s so much weird pressure when you are on Disney to garner your adult fan base and make that transition, and something that’s been really important to me when I signed up to be on this chaneyenel that is notorious for having Miley and people like that. It was important that I was never lying to myself, that I was always being myself so I never had to make that transition. ‘Cause that’s a personal transition, that’s not something that should be public.”

Publicly, she’s tweeted about not ascribing to sexual orientation labels, and she’s also voiced her opinion on sexism in Hollywood, saying, “It’s so important for women in the film industry to support each other. There are so many women directors, but only five are ‘let in’ because this industry is dominated by men who want to control it. Women like Carrie Brownstein, Sofia Coppola and Gia Coppolas who carved their paths into this business that didn’t really want them there, it was really special to be able to work with one of them.”

Blanchard says, “I really want to direct. If you’d asked me a year ago, I would have said I’m not interested, but that was because I didn’t think I could do it. Now I’m in a space where every film I see, it’s not just about the acting, it’s about the camera angles and is it aesthetically pleasing. I want to be able to create my own world like that someday.”

On creating her fashions with stylist Chris Horan, she says, “I like having fun with and dressing in clothes that are a little weird. ‘Cause I figure I’m young so I don’t want to wear anything that’s serious. Otherwise people are so judge-y.”

She wants her fans to know that when she turns up in Chanel or Creatures of the Wind, “I’m not paying for these things. That’s part of my work. I spend all my money on books.”