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Of all the things worth celebrating, the alleged failures of the Bush admistration would not be the most obvious. “It’s always a little awkward when someone says, ‘Let’s toast the Bush Tragedy,’” Jacob Weisberg said Tuesday night at a party Arianna Huffington threw for him in her Los Angeles home. But since that’s the title of his new book, and since he’s a pretty connected guy, that was the thing being feted. Needless to say, lots of people were discussing the election.

That morning, The New York Times’ David Brooks had written about “Obama Fatigue,” a disorder supposedly shared by many of the Illinois Senator’s supporters, who may not be sure just what their candidate actually stands for. “I’m a little worried about that,” admitted Slate’s Mickey Kaus of Obama. “And I’m worried about the wife.” But Weisberg, who wrote the Men’s Vogue cover story on the presidential hopeful, said he is experiencing nothing of the sort. “I feel the opposite way. When he speaks it’s like whale mating calls.” The “Entourage” star Adrien Grenier wasn’t about to give Obama an official endorsement, but he definitely seemed to be leaning his way. Asked what he was wearing, the young actor laughed and said, “Obama shorts and Obama underwear.” Also seen in the crowd were Weisberg’s wife, Deborah Needleman, film producer Lawrence Bender and the comedienneTracey Ullman. Her variety show is back on Showtime this March, and one of her first targets is Huffington. “We go hiking together,” she explained, before launching into an uncanny impersonation. “And she’s the only person I know who wears Ferre and looks good in it.”

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