Svetlana Metkina has been acting since she made her stage debut as Pippi Longstocking at age 11. A graduate of the University of Moscow and Shuka University (a drama school), the willowy Muscovite appeared in the 1995 Russian film “Family” and caught the attention of American filmmakers at the Berlin Film Festival. She soon racked up credits in “The Second Front,” “Barbarian,” “Slingshot” and “Mini’s First Time.” In her current film, “Bobby,” she plays a Czech journalist.

She sat with WWD and shared a few observations.

Coming to America: “It’s completely new. You are nobody, nobody knows you and you start step by step. I like this way. It’s exciting.”

All in the family: Metkina’s husband, Belgian industrialist Michel Litvak, is one of the producers of “Bobby,” but her role in it is also special because her father is a journalist. “I know how important it is for him to get those five minutes for an interview. It is also important to have that freedom. When I was born in Moscow, we still had the Iron Curtain.”

Striking a pose: Metkina modeled in Paris for two years. “It’s not just beautiful girls wearing beautiful clothes. It’s hard work.”

In costume: “I love to mix styles. Right now my favorite period is the Sixties and it came from ‘Bobby.’ I love Jackie Kennedy’s style.”

In the moment: “For me, the glass is always half full. My favorite place is wherever I am. I love New York for the energy, Paris because it’s beautiful, Spain for holiday and Italy for food.”

Fashion: Favorites include Balenciaga, Lanvin, Marni, Alexander McQueen and Thomas Wylde.

On the record: “I travel alone, normally, and I love to talk to people on the plane. Sometimes I write down the things they tell me in short stories.”

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