Ryan Guzman at Men's Fitness "Game Changers" celebration

Ryan Guzman is best known to audiences as Jennifer Lopez’s obsessive love interest in last year’s “The Boy Next Door” and now the 29-year-old actor will be coming into living rooms across the country, thanks to the new ABC drama “Notorious.”

After roles in Richard Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some,” “Heroes Reborn,” “Jem and the Holograms,” “Step Up Revolution,” and “Pretty Little Liars,” the actor has gained familiarity with the red carpet, yet admitted that the fashion world is still relatively new territory for him.

Guzman spoke with WWD at the Men’s Fitness “Game Changers” party on Monday, where he discussed his new television show, why he’s learned to think before he speaks and why Tom Hardy is his fashion inspiration.

WWD: Tell us about your new ABC show “Notorious.”
Ryan Guzman:
It’s a character I’ve never played before. His name is Ryan Mills and he’s a P.A. for one of the lead producers in the game who is Julia George played by Piper Perabo. Julia is based on Wendy Walker, who was the producer for “Larry King Live.” Mark Geragos is one of the biggest [criminal defense] attorneys in the world. [He’s named Jake Gregorian on the show and is played by Daniel Sunjata.] These two powerhouses combine and use their influence to sway the media and the perspective on who we thought was guilty or not guilty in a courtroom or in the public eye.

WWD: Have you learned anything yourself through the show?
There is so much weight with the media. You guys control everything, pretty much. You dictate what everybody else sees and believes. A lot of people nowadays will not go the extra length to research. That means whatever they read or see from you guys is the “truth.” It’s opened my eyes to thinking about what I’m saying before I’m saying it, you know? Sometimes I say dumb stuff, but we all do. It’s a learning process. [I want people] to know that there’s an influence out there and to be aware of it.

WWD: Who makes your suit?
This is The Kooples. I’m trying to learn fashion. I don’t know much about it.

WWD: Really? You’ve walked your fair share of red carpets, but do you see that as merely part of the job?
I think my style is evolving. I like the way certain actors that I want to emulate dress. Tom Hardy — one of those guys, like a rough and rugged kind of guy. I like his style. I feel like [his look] kind of matches my personality.

WWD: Do you enjoy shopping? Any favorite designers?
I do shop. All the time. I don’t have anybody shopping for me. I bought this [Kooples jacket]. I like to be personable with it. But I’m learning as I go. I really love Ted Baker’s suits. And John Varvatos’ too.