Sara Foster and Erin FosterThe Zoe Report's 4th Annual ZOEasis, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Palm Springs, USA - 13 Apr 2018

Sara and Erin Foster, the comedic sister act from Los Angeles who satirizes Hollywood in their VH1 show “Barely Famous,” took in their first Coachella last weekend, sort of. “We don’t actually go to the festival,” they said in unison. Instead, they were camped out at the Parker Palm Springs and stopped by pal Rachel Zoe’s Zoeasis party, held on the grounds of the luxe resort.

Taking a break in one of hammocks outside, they opined about all things festival and festival-adjacent.

WWD: Braids or buns?
Erin Foster: Braids.
Sara Foster: For me, bun, but she’s wearing braids.

WWD: The Weeknd or Beyoncé?

WWD: Holograms or glitter?

WWD: Palm Springs or Palm Desert?
Palm Springs.
S.F.: Palm Desert.
E.F.: OK, so we’ll just stay separately.

WWD: Rachel Zoe or Rodger Berman?
One doesn’t exist without the other.
S.F.: But Rodger is the best at taking photos of all of us, he is so fun to have around, and he gives me so much more attention than Rachel.

WWD: Coachella or Cannes?
Cannes. Never been, would love to be invited.
S.F: I say Cannes because if you are there, hopefully, it’s for a movie. If you are in Coachella…(shrugs).

WWD: Chaise lounge or hammock?
Chaise lounge for sure. I like something a little stable that isn’t going to move depending on your weight.

WWD: Pool or jacuzzi?
Pool. In a jacuzzi there’s so much weird stuff floating around in there.
E.F.: Sara’s a germophobe. I think hot water kills anything. I’m going to go with shower if we’re talking bodies of water.
S.F.: Well, if we’re going to do that, then lake.
E.F.: We’re not going to mess with that unpredictable ocean with waves that you don’t see coming that can take you down very quickly.

WWD: Uber or Lyft?
I use Uber a lot.
S.F.: We were going to maybe do something with Lyft, but they haven’t called, so…Uber.

WWD: Black car or SUV?
OK, here’s the trick. Call for a black car and they send an SUV basically every time, but you pay for a black car. Cheap life hack right there.

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