Scott Kelly and the Breitling Jet Team

Scott Kelly has been back from his special yearlong mission to the International Space Station for two months, but he’s still feeling the effects. The now-retired astronaut and U.S. Navy Captain was on hand Thursday at The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum to mark his partnership with Swiss watch company, Breitling, and Fleet Week. In honor of the occasion, the Breitling L-39C Jet will be displayed at the museum through Sunday.

Kelly spoke with WWD about why he decided to retire, what he plans on doing next and if he’s competitive with his brother Mark Kelly, who is also a retired astronaut.

WWD: Why was now the right time to retire from NASA?
S.K.: You can only leave being an astronaut once and you’ve got to leave at the right time. But I had a lot of opportunities and I still have to do all these medical tests and post-flight debriefs.

WWD: How are you feeling since landing?
S.K.: My feet are still sore and my legs are stiff.

WWD: For someone who’s never been, how would you describe being in space?
S.K.: Rewarding. Exciting. It’s easier to adjust to being in space than to adjust to being back on earth.

WWD: What do you wear in space?
S.K.: Clothes. I wear the same pair of pants for six months. I’m adjusting well to life back on earth because I’ve only been wearing these pants for about a month. The pants we wear are generally hiking pants. And then there’s a pair that’s more military-style, technical pants.

WWD: Why did you decide to partner with Breitling?
S.K.: My brother was a NASA brand ambassador for Breitling and I like the watch. I like the company.

WWD: Are you competitive with your brother?
S.K.: No. I flew to space first and last.

WWD: What’s next?
S.K.: I’m going to write a book about the experience [of going to space]. Hopefully people will enjoy it.

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