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NEW YORK — You’d think showing up at a party for dermatologist Pat Wexler would be slightly risky for all involved — that being seen in public with her would lead to rumors of Restylane and Botox injections.

But the Carolina Herrera boutique was packed wall-to-wall last Tuesday night with those who came to toast the good doctor and her push for mass saturation via a new line of products to be distributed at Bath & Body Works.

Wexler was flitting around in a pretty brown suit (“It’s Carolina Herrera,” she said with a little smile), very much enjoying the turnout, which included Bernadette Peters, Lauren Davis and Sandy Gallin.

“She does my fat injections,” offered Peggy Siegal, who stopped by in between screenings she was hosting of the new film “Capote.” “She takes the fat out of my ass and puts it in my face, so when you’re kissing my face, you’re kissing my ass. It doesn’t get any more succinct than that. She’s created a world of Dorian Grays. I look half my age, thanks to Pat Wexler.”

“She’s the magician of the skin,” said Herrera. “I go to see her all the time.”

Of course, not everyone was so up-front about what they do when they visit Wexler. Read between the lines — or lack thereof.

“She’s never done anything major to me, but she guides me in the right direction,” said Mary Tyler Moore.

Christie Brinkley was standing by the staircase, looking exceedingly youthful and wearing a slinky black dress from Charles Chang Lima and a cropped tweed Doo.Ri jacket. “I’m real big on exfoliating,” she said.

Aren’t we all?

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