Sofia Hublitz

Sofia Hublitz has a lot up her sleeve — she’s just not quite ready to let you in on it just yet.

For instance, she’s calling in from a brief vacation in North Carolina, where she lived for four years, but she won’t say quite where. “I’m going to [stay] as vague as possible, because it’s a very small town,” she says. “But I will say that it’s coastal, and it’s by the Outer Banks.”

Of it being one of her last moments of calm before her fall schedule kicks into gear, she’s equally mysterious. “For conversation’s sake, I’ll say yes,” she says, with a kick of playfulness. She’s clearly having fun here.

Hublitz, 19, has been acting for several years, but wants you to know she’s not a child actor all grown up. Acting is something she “just kind of fell into,” through school. “I don’t even remember at this point. But I definitely didn’t do it as a kid,” she says. “I didn’t even get my first job until I was 15. But I had not been working before that. So I don’t consider myself a child actor. I consider that to be like ‘she’s been working since she was two! Have a dozen movies under your belt by the time you’re 10!’ But no, I don’t know….I mean, I think it was doing school plays and stuff and I liked it, so there you go. I ran with it.”

Success found her rather quickly; she plays Charlotte Byrd, the clever daughter of Laura Linney and Jason Bateman on “Ozark,” the Netflix hit that recently returned for its second season. She booked the show on her 17th birthday, after a relatively straightforward audition process — that, “and me actually being on time for something,” she says.

“It’s pretty much always the same crew and it has been for the two years, and those people are like my family,” she says of working on the show. The cast includes her “two best friends” Julia Garner and Charlie Tahan; the three spend most of their time outside of shooting together living “in the same apartment building in Atlanta, to remain vague,” she says.

She’s direct, however, on just how much being part of the “Ozark” family has meant in the beginning of her career.

“It’s difficult to make a TV show or a movie, but I think the dirtiest secret about the industry is how much fun it is,” she says.

Hublitz is next at work on a drama called “What Breaks the Ice,” but otherwise she, yes, would like to keep it under wraps.

“I got some stuff going on — not much I can talk about, but little things here and there that I’m extremely excited about,” she says. “I live very day-to-day. I don’t really have a lot of huge plans for the future, so to speak. I don’t have some crazy goals. I don’t know, it’s not my dream to win an Oscar one day or something. I kind of roll with the punches. And I hope the punches are pretty good these next few years.”

Her breakout on the show and general cool-girl attitude have earned her the attention of Dior, which has invited her to several events, including its annual Guggenheim extravaganza last fall. The fashion attention is certainly welcomed, but more of a happy accident for Hublitz.

“I don’t have a good sense of fashion for myself, and I’m completely comfortable with that,” she says.

She has a similar outlook to her acting, naturally.

“Being happy and content that I think that I have done something right in my career [is my goal]. I don’t know; I’ve had a lot of people my age who are actors be like, ‘you know, I hope I work with x director or y actress, that would be the dream.’ But I don’t know, my dream is just for me personally to feel a sense of accomplishment, and know that I’ve worked hard.”

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