Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie is graduating from famous little sister to a style star in her own right. This month, she appears in a holiday 2016 campaign for U.K.-based fast-fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing, the brand’s first celebrity-driven effort. Brand founder Umar Kamani met Richie at Nobu Malibu on the Fourth of July and signed her up on the spot. The 18-year-old says she’d like to follow in her mom Diana Alexander and older sister Nicole’s footsteps one day and become a designer, but for now, she’s happy to “sit in the corner and take notes.”

WWD: How has your style evolved through your teenage years?
Sofia Richie:
I’ve always stuck to what I liked. I started off really sporty and then I wanted to mix in girlier things, so it’s been fun. I found a comfortable place with my fashion where I can be girly and sporty at the same time.

WWD: Who are your fashion inspirations?
My friend Chloe Bartoli is a really cool stylist. I’ve talked about fashion with her a lot over the years. And I love Rihanna, she’s rad. Through modeling, I’ve gotten to know a lot of designers that are really cool. Stefano and Domenico of Dolce & Gabbana have been really sweet.

WWD: Why do you think Los Angeles is such a fashion hotspot right now?
So many people in L.A. have such different styles. People either dress very similar or very different. It’s interesting to find people who think outside the box and it’s interesting when you mix different mind-sets what you can come up with.

WWD: Your mom was a designer, and so is your older sister. And you’ve said that one day you’d like to follow in their footsteps. What did you learn from them?
Nicole’s super boho. My mom’s very elegant. She reminds me of me a lot because during the day she’ll put on a casual sporty outfit and then at night she’ll put on this long beautiful dress with her hair and blah blah blah. So yeah, I love her because she’s like a mix of all different styles.

WWD: Where else do you find design inspiration?
I’m the kind of person who will pull sheets out of magazines and print materials and put them in a book. That’s me, I do that. And Tumblr. I get a lot of good stuff from Tumblr, it’s just like a sea of pictures, the whole feed is stuff and stuff and stuff.

WWD: How do you get into the mind-set of each brand you model for?
Whatever I put on I have to feel good in. That’s all that really matters to me. As long as I feel good in it, then I know it’s right.

WWD: You’ve said you can’t live without your iPhone but do you ever take breaks?
I definitely find my time to be away from my phone because I think that’s important, but when it comes to work and friends I feel like everything is on my phone. I’ll, like, leave my phone in my room for a few hours when I need my space.

WWD: What’s your beauty routine like?
I’m a pretty natural person. I don’t wear a lot of makeup because I’m generally bad at putting it on myself. I’m really bad at the whole concept, that’s why Patrick [Ta] is here, killing it, helping me. I have my Lancer skin regimen that I always do. And I’m coconut oil-obsessed. I travel with it. I just soak in it. When I sleep I put it in my hair and on my face.

WWD: Do you work out to get those killer abs?
I like Barry’s Boot Camp and SoulCycle.