At blue-chip shows during New York Fashion Week, it’s typical for VIP archetypes to be represented front row: a paparazzi fashion bait actress — say, Kate Bosworth; a model seeking a career in film like Emily Ratajkowski, and a fashion professional turned reality TV star — for example, Rachel Zoe. All of whom were present at Saturday night’s Altuzarra show.

But breaking through the typical celebrity constructs was one unexpected attendee: American talk show host and pageant blunderer Steve Harvey.

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The 59-year-old, whose net worth is estimated in excess of $100 million, is admittedly no fashion insider. The TV funny man went largely unrecognized as the room’s flashbulbs were fixated on the aforementioned celebs situated farther up the runway. But when spotted he was more than open to discussing his views on the industry. His fascination with fashion is fledging, he said.

Harvey — there to accompany his wife Marjorie, whose popular fashion blog The Lady Loves Couture has earned her more than 850,000 Instagram followers — was dressed in a smart navy peacoat and wool houndstooth pants, his signature moustache at peak trim.

“It’s interesting for me, looking at the fashions; it’s an interesting world because so many of the fashions that you see coming down the runway, you are just not going to see it in the real world — that’s just really fascinating.

“It’s a business, I understand the couture side of it, too. There are people who can buy that piece that’s on the runway and customize it in certain ways. I had to learn that. And then some of the stuff makes it by the buyers into the big stores, so I get it. I get it, it’s really cool but it is a totally different world,” Harvey said.

Though he has rationalized many facets of the fashion circus, there was still one outlying aspect that he wished would change. “I mean, I would love for the [models] to look like real women. I’d love to see some bodies that have eaten, that actually walk and have curves and stuff that shakes. Not to sound sexist, but that’s what a woman is,” he said.

Harvey said he counts Tom Ford, Hermès and Louis Vuitton among his favorite labels. But in observing his wife’s shopping habits, many contrasts between men’s wear and women’s wear have come to light.

“I didn’t know women’s clothes cost that much, they cost a lot of money and they come out often. Men’s clothes come out twice a year, but women’s clothes come out often. And they keep changing the shoes. Guys’ shoes never change.”

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