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NEW YORK — There was something amusing about the overlap of fashion week and the Super Bowl. At Diane von Furstenberg‘s studio on Sunday night, a small crowd was gathered in front of a flat-screen television and almost no one seemed to be paying much attention. “I’m trying to watch, but everybody keeps walking in front of the TV,” complained social fixture Fabiola Beracasa.

Then she flashed a little smile. “I don’t even really watch football,” she admitted.

Garnering more attention perhaps was Ron Perelman, who was sitting in the corner with Barry Diller and ducked out just after the photographers began to snap his picture. Von Furstenberg was flitting around in a pretty green dress, relieved that her first show in the tents had gone over well. “Three days ago, I got really depressed about it,” she said of showing at Bryant Park. “But by yesterday I was fine.” Other well-wishers included André Balazs, Amy Sacco, Francesco and Alba Clemente, and Phil Collins, who is currently in town working on a new Broadway musical, which has apparently become the “It” vocation for fiftysomething British rock stars. “That’s the trouble,” admitted Collins. “There’s too many. ‘Mama Mia,’ ‘Aida,’ I haven’t seen them but there’s another level of Broadway that I aspire to. I was in ‘Oliver’ with Lionel Bart in the Sixties. That and ‘West Side Story’ are the kinds of Broadway shows I admire.”

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