The fashion landscape might be saturated with all things surf, but “Step Into Liquid,” a new documentary by Dana Brown, in theaters Aug. 8, offers a fresh take on the scene.

The son of “Endless Summer” director Bruce Brown, Dana, 43, who collaborated with his father on “Endless Summer II” in 1994, opted to make a different movie this time. While the 1966 original and the sequel followed two surfers around the globe in their year-long quest for the perfect wave, “Step Into Liquid” chronicles wave riders from pros Kelly Slater, Laird Hamilton and Layne Beachley to the six-year-olds who compete in a pint-size extreme surfing competitions.

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People would come up to me and say, “You should do ‘Endless Summer III,’ man,” says Brown, who had no interest in repeating the format. “I wanted to tell many stories.” A film school dropout, Brown worked as a journalist “but eventually the surf movie bug caught up with me.”

Next, he plans to turn his reporter’s eye to documenting the Baja 1000 off-road truck race. Who knows? Maybe Brown will do for trucking what his father did for surfing. Regardless, he plans to keep a low profile.

“We never sat around the dinner table and talked about how iconic it was,” he says of “Endless Summer.” “Nor did we get mobbed in the supermarket.”

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