Maria Snyder, the stunning New York fashion and jewelry designer, and Michael Mailer, Norman Mailer’s writer/producer son, have decided that at the end of the day, it’s time to call it a day. This, after a long romance or whatever. They remain great, great friends, no snarling, but Michael’s headed for the hills — the Hollywood hills. Career, you know.

As for Maria, who recently figured as a character in the Dick Tracy comic strip — dear old Dick came to her rescue after a car accident in a blizzard — her dress and jewel collections were on display at a cocktail reception at the Ritz in Paris the other evening and they all came. Chattering in several tongues were such as Prince Amyn Aga Khan, Prince Jean Poniatowski, Nina and Philippe Junot, the Duke and Duchess de Gramont, Giancarlo Giametti, Georgina Brandolini, Princess Olga of Greece, Carole Rochas (still another jewelry designer), Princess Diane de Beauvau Craon and, God bless America, Kimberly DuRoss, Mrs. Henry Ford II’s darling daughter.

(P.S. As fans of the strip know only too well, sweet old Dick Tracy and Tess Truehart, his love of 47 years, are in the midst of a divorce. Nice old Dick is all broken up about it. However, there is no truth to the story that the comic-strip Maria Snyder had something to do with the rift. I hate it when those rumors start, don’t you?)

When Elizabeth Taylor steps onto the stage of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Feb. 29, it will be to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Jackson Family Honors — that is, if the Jackson Family can pull itself together long enough to be honored. Elizabeth’s prize will be a 32-inch-high Boehm sculpture, a globe with the seven continents handpainted in gold, encircled by 18 children, of all races, holding hands. On top of the whole thing are two graceful doves perched on a diamond-studded star. And, listen, there will be a big diamond embedded in the area marking Los Angeles, Elizabeth’s hometown. Boehm her up, Scotty!

Another Boehm sculpture will be presented to record mogul Berry Gordy, who launched the Jackson Five into superstardom all those many long innocent years ago.

Whilst waiting for the arrival of her baby, mother-to-be Michelle Pfeiffer is not just sitting there like a dumb old pregnant log. She’s busy developing screenplays via her own production company on such varied projects as the Puritan witch trials and a biopic of the great artist Georgia O’Keeffe. Watch for Michelle as a woman who runs with a wolf (pardon me, Clara Pinkola Estes) in her next movie, the wolf being Jack Nicholson.

Naomi Campbell is supposed to be leaving for Paris in about a week to consult with the director Robert Altman. It seems he’s offered her a role in his tell-all dissection of the fashion industry flick, “Pret-a-Porter.” Will she play a model or will it be a stretch? Only Mr. Quirky Altman knows.

Lucile and Guy Peyrelongue of the Cosmair Peyrelongues gave a dinner at home in honor of the new Consul General of France in New York, Baron Baeyens and the Baroness Baeyens, Andre and Mo for short. Andre is half French and half American. Mo is from Vienna.

Mme. Peyrelongue set her table with 18th century china from Porcelane de Chantilly and centered it with Meissen “musician monkeys” all playing away on their little instruments, miniature rose trees and silver goblets. Divine. Cosmair chef Patrick Boisjot prepared the dinner, perhaps one of his last because he is leaving soon to open his own restaurant in Connecticut. Pity.

Lucile Peyrelongue wore a black Valentino, Blaine Trump wore a long black sheath; Joan Rivers, there with Orin Lehman, wore black sequins under a transparent beaded jacket, Adrienne Vittadini wore black cut velvet and Marife Hernandez wore a long red wool suit by Bill Blass. Among the other guests were Robert Trump, Anne and Jim Fuchs, Gretchen and Eugene Grisanti, Paul Wilmot and John Bradley. Bien venu, Andre and Mo, and many more of them.

The gossip at the Water Club has it that one-time glamourperson Linda Christian is looking absolutely marvelous and a good decade younger than her actual age, an admitted 67. Maybe it’s love. Linda is planning to marry the Italian singer Gianni Dei and would adore having the ceremony performed while they’re cruising in the tropics. Linda, once married to Tyrone Power, always said that some Dei her prince would come. The prince is 38.

The gossip everywhere is that so-handsome Pierce Brosnan and Kathleen Kinley, a Los Angeles TV newscaster, will marry. Let’s hope she’s as pretty as he is, though it doesn’t seem possible.

Elaine’s was packed the other night with everyone from the famous Liza Minnelli in a short black beaded dress and a black sweater-coat to the famous Paige Rense, the editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest, dining with Kenneth Noland, the famous artist. Watch this one. Not Liza; come on. Paige and Ken.

Oh, and Edgar Bronfman Jr., the big man at Seagram’s and rich as cream, and Clarisa Perez Matos Alcock just couldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day. They’re getting married tomorrow in Clarisa’s native Venezuela. Father Jacobs of New York, the couple’s pal, has flown over to perform the ceremony in Caracas.

Bernard Combemale’s lunch at the new Arcimboldo was in honor of Queen Anne of Romania, in New York for the Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation’s benefit auction at Christie’s last night. Princess Margarita is Queen Anne’s daughter — but you knew that — and she joined the little lunching group, as did Francis Kellogg and Hannah Pakula, co-chairmen of the Christie’s party. You all remember Hannah. Several years ago, she wrote a biography of the exciting, exasperating Queen Marie of Romania, perhaps that country’s most flamboyant figure. And a wonderful book it was, too.

On Valentine’s Day, Combemale is opening the doors of his Park Avenue apartment for a big cocktail party in honor of Ambassador Evan Galbraith, who hopes to be the next governor of New York. Just some of those invited to hear Van (that’s what his friends call him) tell why he can do it a lot better than Cuomo are George Ball, John Loeb Jr., Hethea and Richard Nye, Livio Borghese, Clifford Brokaw III, Alexander Papamarkou, John Sargent, Jan Cowles, Kip Forbes, Bruce Gelb and so on and so forth. As soon as the doors close after the party, Bernard is off to Monaco to join Prince Rainier, Princess Caroline and Prince Albert for Monte Carlo’s annual Bal de Rose in the Sporting Club. What? No Princess Stephanie? Quelle surprise!

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