The Giles Brophys of racing renown are either on the verge or already divorced. The couple first came to notice in the horse world a few years ago when their Strike the Gold won the Blue Grass Stakes and then went on to capture the Kentucky Derby. Right now, it really looks like the Brophys will not pass the finish line as husband and wife. Gale now has her own stable of show and racehorses, only adding to the it’s-all-over rumors swirling about the couple.

Ryan O’Neal, whose career could stand a bit of beta carotene, may be getting just that. Ryan’s been set to play the adorable husband opposite adorable wife Cher, who could stand a little beta carotene herself, in the Tribeca Film production, “Faithful.” If you haven’t heard or read this already in the Hollywood trade papers, be informed that husband O’Neal is so adorable he hires a hitman to kill his wife Cher. But Cher and the hitman hit it off so well — lust and all that — that Cher tries to get him to kill O’Neal. Enough already.

The publication of Linda Wolfe’s inside story of the shattering affair between Chief Judge Sol Wachtler and Joy Silverman — it’s called “A Double Life” — is being postponed until September. She’s been doing hundreds of interviews and talking to close sources about Sol, who, incredible as it is to believe now, was once mentioned as a potential Presidential candidate, save us all.

Chatter along the catwalks is that Claudia Schiffer will retire from her phenomenal modeling career after she marries David Copperfield — and that the last outfit she’ll model will be her wedding gown. But don’t bet the Carrousel du Louvre, Bryant Park or the odd multi-million-dollar cosmetics contract.

They’re saying at the tonier teas in London that — finally — it’s All Over between the beautiful Nicaraguan actress Barbara Carrera and Harry, the portly Duke of Northumberland. Really, darlings, it was all over fortnights ago.

The English are also chatting up the news that Prince Edward’s maybe-bride-to-be Sophie Rhys-Jones has moved in. To Buckingham Palace. In truly modern fashion, Queen Elizabeth’s youngest and his intended are enjoying what could be called a “trial marriage.” But no hanky-panky, please; they’re British.

Already making an impact on British sidewalks — the Flintstone Sandal. It’s a tie-at-the-ankle leather number with a wooden clog base, and it’s predicted to be the big hit of the summer when Steven Spielberg’s “The Flintstones” movie arrives on the big screen. Yabba-dabba-SHOE!

Europa and The Bull: If the Italians didn’t already have enough to scandalize about, now they’re gossiping that Oliver Stone is so enamoured of top Italian model Evelina Manna he’s desperately seeking a new film project in which to star his Manna from heaven. Take all this with a grain of pesto, and don’t call me in the morning.

Sexy sexagenarian Sandra Milo — she was one of Fellini’s favorites — who rocked rocky Italy recently with her insistence on becoming a mommy in her 61st year, now seems set on a different kind of physical change, a nose job. No diapers.

And if you believe the rumblings of the Roman press, the reason Nastassja Kinski still isn’t divorced from her husband Ibrahim Moussa and married to Quincy Jones is because the official certificate of separation, supposedly lodged under lock and key, has mysteriously disappeared from the courts there. Without it, everything must stay on hold. What will they think of next?

If King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain are breathing a bit easier these days it may be because Isabel Sartorius, the long-time love of their son, Crown Prince Felipe, is now a twosome with handsome young Italian industrialist Ugo Peretti. The European press has been writing for months that Juan Carlos and Sofia didn’t consider Isabel quite the ticket even if Felipe did — and Ugo does.

Some of New York’s most glamorous women will kick up their heels — in designer cowboy boots of course, on June 7 at Denim and Diamonds. “The City Slickers,” a newly formed group, will make their debut appearance in a line dance performance, the main attraction at “City Slickers Dance for the Children” to benefit Childhelp USA. Georgette Mosbacher and Kelly Day are the fearless chairmen of the evening, and Donna Hanover Giuliani is the honorary chairman. The high-steppin’ troupe begins rehearsals next month and includes such hoedowners as Patty Raynes, Barbara Bancroft, Marina Palma, Anne Bass, Lyn Paulsin, Pauline Boardman, Liz Mezzacappa, Cornelia Bregman, Mary Meehan and Sale Johnson. Be still, my achy breaky heart.

John Loeb Jr. will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his 39th birthday at, aptly, the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park on May 2. You see, Great-Grandfather Loeb loved to row. Johnny’s spectacular new Russian Riverbend Vineyards in Sonoma, Calif., is hosting the party at which his new Sonoma-Loeb Chardonnay Private Reserve 1992 will be released, if that’s the word. The singer and pianist Steve Ross will thrill one and all with excerpts from his new show, “Noel Coward and His Ladies,” now at the Oak Room of the Algonquin. He will be joined by Jeanne Lehman, no relation to John’s wonderful mother, the smashing Frances “Peter” Lehman Loeb. But fear not — there will be plenty of other Lehmans about, plus Loebs, Lewisohns, Morgenthaus, Bronfmans, Bernhards, Kempners, Altschuls, Strauses, Cullmans, Sulzbergers, Buttenweisers and Rossbachs — all Johnny’s cousins. But you knew that. Wear your black tie.

Two “lavish and important” Easter eggs created by Carl Faberge, the famous jeweler to the Russian Imperial Family, will be sold at Christie’s in Geneva on May 17. The treasures, one an exquisite nephrite “Apple Blossom” egg covered in diamond apple blossoms mounted on gold, the other the glittering “Nobel Ice” beauty decorated in frost-like motifs with seed pearls and rock crystals, were thought to be lost for the past 50 years until their recent reappearance at Christie’s. Both eggs are part of the Kelch series commissioned by the St. Petersburg gold mining magnate Alexander Kelch between 1898 and 1904. The third Kelch egg, the “Pine Cone,” was sold to Joan Kroc, the fast food heiress, for $3.12 million five years ago. Her money came from eggs too — the McMuffin ones sold at McDonald’s.

The Spanish have already honored Oscar de la Renta, so the French took their turn at the French-American Foundation’s Spring Gala at the Plaza. There were lots of Oscar’s dresses about — Mrs. Walter (Tatsie) Curley wore his tulip jacket — surprising exactly no one. Everyone ate veau farcie and danced to Alex Donner’s music. Mariana Nicolesco was a caricature of a diva. She has a wonderful bel canto voice, but refused to sing anything lighthearted and familiar. She did add a special touch, but there were those who were glad she only sang for 15 minutes. Crowds at charities have a notoriously short attention span.

Dear Oscar, creating his own fun, started a conga line joined by such hot numbers as Mercedes Bass, Patty Cisnernos, Elizabeth and Alton Peters, Liz Fondaras, etc. She wasn’t in the line, heaven forbid, but one of the most outstanding women at the party was Nin Ryan in a beautiful black dress with a net top studded with diamantes. Oscar was presented with a beautiful book of old maps of Paris and made a charming acceptance speech. Vive la France and you can throw in Oscar de la Renta.

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