Karen Duffy — Duff to the fans who adore her on MTV — and Dwight Yoakum, of the country music Yoakums, are making country music together. She spent both the Christmas and New Year holidays with the sweet singer. You all remember Dwightie. He used to be sort of, kind of, stuck on Sharon Stone before he decided — and so did she — that something was a little off-key.

Susan Cheever and Cher, who are working together on Cher’s autobiography, are said to be getting along swimmingly. If there’s anything left to know about Cher and her life after the tons of publicity she has enjoyed (?), leave it to Susan to discover and uncover. She is not the daughter of the late, great writer John Cheever for nothing.

The opening earlier this week of the restaurant The World, at New York’s Union Square, attracted the likes of Christy Turlington, Matt Dillon, Loree Rodkin and Robert De Niro. The new restaurant is the former private back room of the Coffee Shop, now transformed into a separate eatery and drinkery. Cher was supposed to be there but didn’t make it. Loree, famous for her great hair, which sprang from her head in mad profusion toward all points of the compass, has now cut it short. Cute, but forget about a crowning glory.

Oliver Stone and Aaron Spelling are developing a six-part limited series set amidst the political and social intrigues of Hong Kong’s richest families. It will feature an international cast and is expected to be as addictive as “Dynasty,” maybe more so — and a lot shorter.

Paige Rense, the editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest, gave her annual apres-Winter Antiques Show dinner at Mortimer’s, and they all came. The main room was draped in red fabric with larger-than-life photos from the pages of Architectural Digest’s Italian issue, molto bella. Swirling around the place were Marilyn Berger and Don Hewitt, the noted artist Kenneth Noland, Diane Von Furstenberg, Brooke Hayward and Peter Duchin, Susan Mary Alsop, Jessie and Rand Araskog, Kenneth Jay Lane, Marguerite Littman from London, Alice Mason, Steven Aronson, Judy Green, John Loring, Bernard Leser, Lee Thaw, Pilar and Juan Pablo Molyneux, Alexandra Penny, Thorne Wathne with Harry Platt, Patricia Patterson, Nancy Hammond, Nancy Holmes, Peter Schub, Carroll Petrie, Rose Tarlow, Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel and Carl Spielvogel, Alyne Massey, Robert Metzger, Gene Hovis, Victoria Hagan, Tom Britt, Laura and Harry Slatkin, Marilyn Evins, Betty and Virgil Sherrill, Pauline Trigere, Mario Buatta and his frankly fake hairpiece, and indefatigable Brooke Astor, who ventured out in the zero weather in her sables to be with her friend Paige. The food went on forever, and Mr. Glenn Bernbaum, the proprietor of the place, was taking bows. You would have loved it — but then, that was you over in the corner, wasn’t it?

Sale Johnson knows that faint heart ne’er kissed the cook, so she showed up at Georgette Mosbacher’s biker-chic birthday party at the Harley-Davidson Bar with her black bra on the outside of her leather jacket. That knocked them off their hogs. The party was given by Georgette’s beloved sister, Lyn Paulsin, who, by way of an invitation, sent out T-shirts with all the particulars printed on the back. All Georgette’s girlfriends wore them to the party the right way, print side back, except Nancy Holmes, who reversed the order and wore the printing in the front. Is she daring? Is she a hoot?

To wish Georgette well, Buffy Cafritz and Arianna Huffington of the Washington social swim trained and planed in for the party (Buffy doesn’t fly) and Arianna was squeezed into the tightest black skirt you’ve ever seen. Catherine Crier of TV’s “20/20,” Hilary Geary and CeeCee Kieselstein Cord all wore their motorcycle jackets, and everywhere you looked you saw Liz Mezzacappa, Cornelia Bregman, Pat Patterson, Patty Raynes, Pauline Boardman, Gaetana Enders, Joy Henderiks, Libet Ross Kennan, Carolyne Roehm, Gayfryd Steinberg, Cecile Zilkha, Countess (Aline) Romanones and on and on into the afternoon. Georgette’s signature red hair was done very much a la lady biker. She looked ever so vrrrooommmmyyy and ready to jump on the back of any motorcycle that ever moved. So? So your birthday comes but once a year.

Sir Robin Renwick, the British ambassador in Washington, will be the guest of honor at the New York reception on board Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia on Feb. 12. The party marks the launch of the American campaign to raise funds for the Museum of Scotland Project, a cultural development of immense significance for Scotland and for Scots around the world. Plus those who have an affection for Scotland, wherever you may be. The Earl of Perth, chairman of the patrons’ council, and Robert H. Smith, chairman of the National Museums of Scotland are that proud of the plans for the new Museum and perfectly delighted that the Government of the United Kingdom has pledged to provide three-quarters of the cost. And you may lay to that.

When The Citizens Committee for New York City has its Valentine’s Day Gala at the Waldorf on Feb. 14, four distinguished couples will receive the New Yorker for New York Awards because they are “couples who care.” They are Kenneth and Kathryn Cassell Chenault, Andrew and Marian Sulzberger Heiskell, John and Frances Lehman Loeb and Laurance and Mary French Rockefeller, all philanthropists committed to improve the city’s quality of life. On that evening, Dr. Kenneth B. Clark will receive the Marietta Tree Award for Public Service. Charlayne Hunter-Gault of the MacNeil-Lehrer Report will be the mistress of ceremonies, Brooke Astor is the honorary chairman and Henry Kravis is the dinner chairman. Congratulations to all!

Okay. So the Palm Beach Red Cross Ball tomorrow night, as I mentioned, will sport 19 ambassadors and maybe even that wild card, the Sultan of Brunei. But there are other divertissements in the resort that deserve attention. You should know that recently, England’s premier duke, the Duke of Norfolk, and his Duchess popped quietly into Palm Beach to be guests of honor at the annual Hospice Evening at The Breakers. Whilst in PB, the Norfolks were the guests of the Hospice event’s chairman, Evelyn Harrison, one of the Duchess’s friends from teenage days when Evelyn lived in London with her father, the Norwegian ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, and both girls were presented at court at the same time.

The Norfolks may be premier, but they are also low key. Still, they went to a few private parties, including a dinner given by Kit and Bill Pannill of Roaring Gap, N.C., and Richmond, Va. Bill is the daffodil king, so they are not about to run out of money — and certainly not daffodils. Then Celia Farris, a fellow Brit, gave them an English tea in her Palm Beach house which once belonged to another duchess, Consuelo Vanderbilt, Duchess of Marlborough. Incidentally, one of the Norfolks’ daughters, Lady Carina, is married to David Frost, the famous TV interviewer. Pardon me. SIR David Frost. Anyhow, the most fascinating part of the Norfolks’ vist is that in that hotbed of social frenzy, so few people even knew they were in town, and so few people met them. This in spite of the fact that in Britain’s pecking order, they are number one.