These are the Nineties, they keep reminding us, so take it with a slow roll and no more excessive excess. Among those taking the advice seriously are Princess Maria Pia di Savoia and Prince Michel de Bourbon-Parme, permanent Palm Beach residents, who have decided to keep it simple and give up their rather large villa for a rather smaller one. Palaces have long been a thing of the past.

On the other hand, Terry Allen Kramer and Irwin Kramer are building what sounds like a grande maison on several acres of recently acquired Palm Beach beachfront. Don’t even think of holding your breath because it won’t be finished for at least two years. Meanwhile, the Kramers have rented a house on El Vedado Way, where one of their first guests was the Duke of Marlborough, La!

It’s in the genes. Zack Starkey, the oldest son of the Beatle Ringo Starr and Maureen Starkey Tigrett, has been set to play the drums on Roger Daltrey’s international tour this summer. That’s Roger Daltrey of The Who fame. Yo. And don’t stop the presses.

Jay McInerney and his pretty blonde wife, the jewelry designer Helen Bransford, bought a farm outside Nashville, Helen’s hometown, where they plan to live half the year. Eeieeio. To celebrate it all, Jay gave Helen a goat which she calls Chew-Chew. Say, that’s cute. Helen’s so crazy for Chew-Chew that Jay bought her another one. When she names the latest nanny — or billy — you’ll be the first to know. Meanwhile, go about your business.

The McInerneys are leaving the goats behind while they nip off to the Kentucky Derby as guests of Barbara and Henryk de Kwiatkowski of Calumet Farm. Y’all have fun.

Shakira Caine is all aflutter. Saks has just agreed to put her scarf and jewelry designs in 10 of its stores around the country, including New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Los Angeles. Her jewelry is made in England and her silk scarves in India, and you can shop for them in the fall. After the fall, too.

Kim Basinger, in New York on a break from filming “Pret-a-Porter” in Paris, was up at Elaine’s where all around her the gossip was flying that the tension on the Paris set between Lauren Bacall and Danny Aiello and Lauren Bacall and Steven Rea has not let up. Better than boredom every day.

It might be a trifle tacky — so what? — but if you added up the net worth of the folk at Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg’s breakfast for Hillary Clinton at their Pacific Palisades house just the other day, you could come up with a total of $5 billion. In Hollywood especially, they just love to talk about other people’s money, hoping that maybe this year the other people don’t have as much as they had last year. Schaudenfreude and all that.

Anyhow, among the 70 people listening to Mrs. Clinton discuss child health care reform were Mike Ovitz, David Geffen, Jane and Michael Eisner, Lew Wasserman, Candice Bergen and Whoopi Goldberg and her boyfriend. You will be tickled to know that the Spielbergs live across the street from Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise and that they had their lawn tented for the affair. Those are the salient facts, except for this little tidbit. When Lew Wasserman, the perennial Hollywood powerperson, introduced himself as Lew Wasserman to Whoopi’s boyfriend, the boyfriend said, “Hi, I’m Lyle.” And you just stay that way, Lyle.

Robert Wolders, husband of the late Merle Oberon, and the love of Audrey Hepburn’s life, is setting up the Audrey Hepburn Foundation with Audrey’s two sons, Sean Ferrer, who lives in California with his wife who is expecting a child later this year, and Luca Dotti, who works as an architect in Milan. Rob Wolders still mourns Audrey, as do many of her friends, including Hubert de Givenchy, who is the first to say we will never see her like again.

Jessye Norman was at her most divine and her most sublime at her Great Performers at Lincoln Center concert at Avery Fisher Hall. The rapturous soprano sang selections from great composers’ works for “Women of Legend, Fantasy and Lore,” looking like one of these very women herself. The audience adored her, and you can see her for yourself on the small screen as the performance was televised to benefit Lincoln Center Productions.

Lucile Peyrelongue, accompanied by her husband Guy, the big man at Cosmair, was one of the chairmen of the gala dinner purveyed by Glorious Food before the performance, and among her guests were Irene and Jean Amic, who flew in from Paris for the evening; Bruno Bich of the Bic company of pen and razor fame, and his wife Veronique; Joe Cicio; Susan and John Gutfreund; Gretchen and Eugene Grisanti; Andrea and Mike Gould; Maria; Anna and James MarlasNicola Bulgari, and Jane and Peter Marino.

George Weissman, the chairman of Lincoln Center, was Lucile’s co-chairman, and one of the most charming guests was Irene Diamond, all in red silk, who was honored for her outstanding contributions to the cultural life of New York City. The other honored arts philanthropist was Walter Shipley, the big man at Chemical Bank. Both were named the first Lincoln Center Laureates for their outstanding service to Lincoln Center. Congratulations to all.

Princess Firyal of All the Jordans, Paris, London, New York and the rest of the world was the guest of honor at a lively, to say the least, dinner given at Mortimer’s by Patricia Patterson of New York, Southampton and Sotheby’s, where she is a vice president. Almost 50 assorted types crowded into the restaurant’s side room, where it seems the elite meet to eat nonstop, and some of the terminal diehards didn’t leave until two in the morning. The stunning princess was wearing a black skirt embroidered in black paillettes and a white top embroidered with white sequins designed by Ballestra. The stunning hostess was wearing a black silk pantsuit and a white ruffled blouse. They and everybody else dined on caviar, lamb chops and infinitesimal potatoes.

Firyal is spending more time in New York lately because for the last two years she has been UNESCO’s Goodwill Ambassador, and she takes it seriously. When you work, you work and when you play, you play. Playing with her and Pat the other night were such as Prince Ernst and Princess Chantal of Hanover; Philip Niarchos; Spyros Niarchos and his adorable wife Daphne; Fernanda and Jamie Niven; Boaz Mazor; Blaine and Robert Trump; Ahmet Ertegun; Alfred Taubman; Cecile and Ezra Zilkha; the abstract artist George Condo, whose show opens at the Pace Gallery tonight, with his wife Anna; Donna and Bill Acquavella; Maria Snyder; Duane and Mark Hampton; the great Colombian artist Fernando Botero; Kenneth Jay Lane; Irith Landau; Nan Kempner; Linda Wachner; Georgette Mosbacher; Kathy Ford; Tommy Taylor from Texas; Carolina Herrera; Chessy Rayner; Gale Hayman, and more, more, more. A whole new group came in later, Deeda Blair, Lee Thaw, Joy Henderiks, etc., after hearing Yanna Avis sing love songs in English, French and German at the Russian Tea Room and pronouncing it a polished performance, and Yanna sexy and glamorous. It’s the only way, really.

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