The Rolling Stones will set off on their year-and-a-half world tour beginning Aug. 1, but Mick Jagger may not be doing all that much rolling, forget rocking. Mrs. Mick, also known as Jerry Hall, is going along for the ride and to keep her eye on Lover Lips.

The title of Jackie Collins’s new book is “Hollywood Divorces,” which was just about all there was left over after her bestsellers, “Hollywood Wives,” “Hollywood Husbands” and “Hollywood Kids.” “This is one book I’ll hold nothing back on,” Jackie says. What? Some people are still reeling from the others. If she really lets it all fly in the newie, the book should be bigger than a coffee table.

Brooke Shields begins teaching her course on acting at The Learning Annex on June 21. Thank heaven it’s the longest day of the year, because our Miss Brooke will need the time to explain it all to you. And don’t sign up just to stare.

Roger Moore is still livid at the reports that he and Luisa, his wife of many years, are divorcing. Roger thinks the rumors began with a story someone started in Denmark, although who’s to blame or the reason for the falsehood is far from clear. To give the lie to it all and in a splendid display of togetherness, Roger, Luisa and their daughter showed up at the Stella Artois tennis matches in London looking too happy to be true. But they are. They really are.

And despite the rumors that raged in Palm Beach and New York, Christina and Gerry Goldsmith are not separating and don’t plan to. Even their best friends thought something was awry when Gerry was seen in New York without Christina, and Christina, supposedly in Europe for a month visiting her mother, the Duchess de Caraman, was really in Palm Beach all along. So let’s lay that one to rest. The Goldsmiths have sold their Palm Beach house, are building another one nearby and will be in London for shipping heiress Arietta Livanos’s wedding on June 26, along with six or seven hundred others. The lovely Christina, half English, half French, was born the Countess de Caraman — but you knew that.

Great expectations at the Kennedy compound: Ted’s daughter, Kara Kennedy (Mrs. Michael) Allen is due in September; Ted Jr.’s wife, Kiki Gershman, is due in August and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new wife, Mary, is expecting a bundle on the Fourth of July. Somebody’s been doing an awful lot of begatting.

Candice Bergen showed up at graduation ceremonies at Brown the other day for her husband Louis Malle’s son Quate’s diploma-do. Diana Ross was there for her daughter’s graduation as well, but conspicuously absent from his daughter Petra’s commencement in the same class was Marlon Brando, who must have figured, considering his avoirdupois, that it beat being conspicuously present.

Diana Rigg, who won the Tony for her “Medea” and is Britain’s newest Dame, is doing “No Turn Unstoned,” a benefit for the Actors Fund, at the Booth Theatre next Monday night. Right after her performance, Suzanne and John Mados are giving a buffet supper at their Wyndham Hotel in Diana’s honor, and they’ll all be there — Lauren Bacall, Lena Horne, Sir Ian McKellen, Irene Worth, Rosemary Harris, Stephen Sondheim, Lionel Larner (he is Diana’s agent), Edna O’Brien, like that. Diana is said to be over the moon at all the wonderful things that are coming her way. Blame it on her stunning talent and on the looks that still recall Emma Peele of your TV set and mine.

Speaking of picking up awards, Estee Lauder won three big ones in the last several weeks: the Fragrance Foundation’s Perennial Success Award for Youth Dew; the Skin Sense Award from the American Skin Cancer Foundation, and the Living Legend Award from the American Society of Perfumers. But the cosmetics empress is not resting on her laurels. She’s preparing for the launch of a new fragrance she expects to withstand the test of time, as has Youth Dew. All she will say about it is that “it is like falling in love the first time,” and that it’s “a perfume that holds you in its arms all day long.” Just a hint of what is to come, you understand. We may have to wait for more for a while, because Estee is considering a trip to London right about now.

Please don’t stop the presses, but Fred Astaire’s widow, Robyn, is crowing that she just took her airline pilot’s test and scored an almost-perfect 98. To celebrate, she bought a twin-engine plane she’ll pilot herself. You all remember Robyn. Before she was Mrs. Astaire she used to pilot horses, and everyone, including horseman Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, thought she was one of the best jockeys in the business. Certainly one of the best looking.

Can you wait until the Friday column to read about the Museum of Modern Art’s splendid Party in the Garden honoring Peggy and David Rockefeller and the opening of their collection of paintings there? Please do. Meanwhile, on Monday, June 20, the Museum will come alive again when Anna and Rupert Murdoch give their big party for Grace Mirabella and the fifth anniversary of Mirabella, the magazine named after her. Everybody fierce, fearless and fashionable has been invited to join in the party fever. At least 200 guests are expected for cocktails, dinner and the entertainment. The peerless Peggy Noonan will speak, soulful gospel singer Etta James will serenade one and all, and fierce and fearless Carrie Fisher will talk about, guess what, fearlessness.

Who will be part of this extravaganza, for which Robert Isabell will scatter tons of garden roses and Glorious Food will set out its famous Tarte aux Trois Caviars? Merely the likes of Pat Buckley, Nancy and Henry Kissinger, Hannah and Alan Pakula, Beverly Sills, John Richardson, Michael Graves, Lynn Nesbit, Kelly and Calvin Klein, Ricky and Ralph Lauren, Diandra Douglas, Lorraine Bracco and Edward James Olmos, Barbara Walters, Diane Von Furstenberg, Bobby Short, Oliver Stone, Marisa Tomei, Lucie de la Falaise, India Hicks, Matt Dillon and such devastating models as Lauren Hutton, Veronica Webb, Rosie Vela and Beverly Johnson. If you remember, Grace Mirabella, when she was at Vogue, was the first fearless editor to put a black model (Beverly Johnson) on the cover of a leading fashion magazine. Congratulations, fearless Grace, and keep on being that way.

Iris and Gerald Cantor, of the Cantor-Fitzgerald Cantors, have given millions to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and created the B. Gerald Cantor Rodin Sculpture Garden at Stanford University. Their latest gift to Stanford, $10 million, went to repair earthquake damages and to build a center for the visual arts named after them. So is it any wonder the Cantors were presented with the Governor’s Arts Award by Gov. Pete Wilson of California in a ceremony that also honored Steven Spielberg? Of course not.

Now these major philanthropists are in London, where today and tomorrow they will give two receptions for the opening of the Samuel Courtauld Collection at the Courtauld Galleries at Somerset House, one of the most important examples of neoclassical architecture in the city. After all that culture, they’ll cool off with dinners at Annabel’s, the races at Ascot and a little luncheon in their honor given by Turkish Princess Esra Jah, whose social and fiscal clout precedes her, follows her and trots right along beside her.

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