Steven Seagal and all his muscles flew to Paris the other day. Steven was granting himself a Christmas wish. It seems the action-packed hero had seen Sylvie Guillaume, the exquisite ballerina who stars in the Paris Opera, on television and was so taken with her lissome loveliness, he asked friends in Paris to set up a dinner so the two could meet. The friends must have known what’s good for them, because they invited Sylvie and Steven to dine with them at the fashionable Paris restaurant L’Ami Louis, where things went as smoothly as Sylvie’s lifts. Is it not one of the sweetest Christmas stories you have ever heard?

Just in time for the holidays, Nicky Savalas, son of the late Telly, split from Tori Spelling of your TV set and mine, and waved by-by to their communal abode, the place they moved when Tori’s parents, Candy and Aaron Spelling, cast them from their Beverly Hills palace. It’s not that ma and pa Spelling needed the room. The world knows their house is as big as Blenheim, give or take a mile. Perhaps they felt Nicky was hanging out there more than necessary. Anyhow, Nicky has now moved in with the gorgeous Nicollette Sheridan. It’s not what you think. She’s his step-sister.

It would have been hard to miss Christina Lang Assael, the pretty Swedish-born American wife of pearl king Salvador Assael, at that gala dinner on the St. Regis Roof. One of the reasons was the black pearl necklace she was wearing, the rarest in the world, hung with a sapphire worth zillions. Christina was the chairman of the International Research Foundation for Children’s Eyecare, which was founded last year by Princess Marianne Bernadotte of Sweden. The evening’s guest of honor was Donna Hanover Giuliani, and Robert Woolley presided over the auction, selling everything in sight. Not the black pearls. Salvador Assael is giving them to a museum.

The Assaels were part of the merry throng at Alice Mason’s Christmas dinner chez elle for 50 or 60 of those she loves the best. Alice, the tippy-top New York realtor and dealer in apartments bought and sold by those who wear big black (and white) pearl necklaces, was wearing tons of pearls herself, all embroidered on her red-hot red Galanos. As usual, she was carrying her tiny white pocket Maltese, Fluffy, under her arm. There are those who say Fluffy’s feet — you can hardly call them paws — never touch the ground, but you know how people exaggerate. However, the little thing does get all dolled up for parties. At dinner she was wearing her new Christmas red leather collar studded with rhinestones, and looking rather full of herself. You’ve heard of a dog’s life. Well, this isn’t it.

So everyone came to the party — Mike Wallace and his wife, Mary; Norris and Norman Mailer; Mary Tyler Moore, in a short print Scaasi evening suit embroidered with sequins; Mary’s husband, Dr. Robert Levine; Carroll Petrie; Linda and Arthur Carter; Joe Armstrong; Blaine and Robert Trump; Nan and Gay Talese; Courtney Sale Ross, on her first purely social outing since the death of her husband, Steve Ross, two years ago; Marina Palma, fabulous in a short black silk crepe Valentino with black lace sleeves that went on forever; Judy Green; Anne Barish; Stephanie Krieger; Helen Gurley Brown, looking her very special best, now that her hairdresser/visagiste Sebou is in town from Paris; David Brown; Gaetana and Tom Enders; the model Carmen; Danielle Gardner, in from Spain where her husband, Richard, is our ambassador; Millie de Cabrol, in aqua sequins; Regine Traulsen; Bill Diamond; Marie Brenner; Dana and Jamie Hammond; Frances Scaife; Maureen White and Steven Rattner; Drew Schiff; Richard Nye; Glenn Bernbaum; Boaz Mazor; Johnny Galliher; Robert Denning, and, of course, Alice’s darling daughter, Dominique, in black and red velvet by Oscar de la Renta; Dominique’s husband, Luke John Yang, and their little almost-two-year-old, Christian Gregory Yang, running around like mad in red velvet rompers that only drooped a little. You’re never too young for throwaway chic.

For her Christmas party in honor of Paige Rense of Architectural Digest and her artist husband, Kenneth Noland (newlyweds, you know), Judy Green wore a smart little holiday-red shift, talk about doing the seasonal thing. John Anthony designed it, and with it Judy wore red sequined shoes just like Dorothy’s in “The Wizard of Oz.” Do you love it? C.Z. Guest drove in from the country for the fun, and, in black velvet with jewels at the shoulders and down the front, made it perfectly plain why she has been in the Best-Dressed Hall of Fame for years. Ann Downey wore her last-word suit by Givenchy and Alice Mason was in a fiery-red Galanos (she lives in them) adorned with silver stars.

Mrs. Green really knows how to give a party. Who can quarrel with caviar up to the knees? Certainly not Susan Sheehan or Cornelia Bregman or Norris Mailer or Kenza Hadid of the Morocco Hadids or Roudi Alam of the Iranian Alams or Barbara de Portago or Elena Bennett or Yanna Avis. Men? Of course, there were men there — husbands and such, enough to go around. But they were all wearing the same dinner jacket, so to speak. Good fellows all, but hardly a fashion wave.

The American-born Countess of Romanones, whose Spanish title is not one to sneeze at, is celebrating the paperback publication of her most recent book, “The Well-Mannered Assassin,” all about Carlos the Jackal, before he was nabbed, of course. Edgar Batista gave her a party at Mortimer’s to say brava, etc., and Glenn Bernbaum decorated his famous restaurant with a giant green billboard filled with gold figures of terrorists chasing people on streets, followed by police armed with submachine guns. Dear Glenn. He always takes these things to heart. Also on the wall was a mammoth mock-up of the book’s cover, which made Aline Romanones exceedingly feliz. Just some of the guests were Myriam Ansary, Lee Thaw, Yanna and Warren Avis, the Duchess of Sevilla, Princess Firyal of Jordan, Elizabeth Peabody, Count Johannes von Schonborn, Count Vega del Ren, Consuelo Crespi, Dolores Smithies, Nan and Tommy Kemper, Pierre Durand, Boaz Mazor, Howard Johnson, Pete Hathaway, Khalil Rizk, Kenneth Jay Lane, Liz and Tassos Fondaras, Francesco Galesi, Bill Koch, Johnny Galliher, Fernando Botero, Patricia Patterson, Jane and Guilford Dudley, Gale Hayman and on and on into the night.

That dull thud you hear is all the little holiday merrymakers dropping in exhaustion.

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