If those sex-symbol stars whose heart-breaking voices thrilled the world for years hang around long enough, they get to be, well, you know, grandfathers. Take Julio Iglesias. His 20-year-old daughter, Chabeli, had a baby boy, Alejandro, seven weeks ago in Miami, but not just like that. Chabeli’s mother is Isabel Preysler, Julio’s first wife, whose pretty face appeared in Hola! so many times over the years they were starting to call the mag Isabel. The family is all thrilled about little Alejandro now, but at first they were out of their minds with worry and fear.

Chabeli was six months pregnant when she and her husband, Christian Altabla, married in Miami, where they live. On their honeymoon at the Iglesias estate in the Dominican Republic, she went into labor and was rushed to the local clinic where she spent 12 hours. Julio sent his private plane and a complete medical staff to fly her back to Miami, but it was another 12 hours before the doctors decided she was stable enough to fly. The baby, weighing only one pound, was born at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami and immediately put into an incubator. He’s still there but doing fine and growing stronger every day. Chabeli’s mother flew in from Spain to be there for her daughter, who is now well enough to stay at Julio’s house in Miami and visit her baby every day. Finally, all is happiness and light.

Then there’s Sir Paul McCartney, a grandfather and a grandfather-to-be. His daughter Mary, 32, is expecting a baby in August. She and her TV producer husband, Alistar McDonald, already have a two-year-old son, Arthur, the apple of his grandfather’s eye. Now dear old granddad’s making room for another apple, and it’s fine with him.

As for Paul’s fiancee, Heather Mills, she has just picked out 10 yards of ecru Chantilly lace for her wedding dress from Solstiss Bucol, lace makers for the top designers of Europe. But, just a minute, Heather’s designing her own dress, all terribly romantic with a veil, a tight bodice and a train. The on dit is the lovely couple will decide on an intimate wedding in June. Even now, they are said to be searching for the perfect little country church. One with no mice, please — they’re British.

Grooming Tips From All Over: In her new movie from Fine Line, opening on April 12, Patricia Arquette really — how shall we put it — stretches herself. She plays “Lila,” a young woman afflicted since puberty with a hormonal disorder that causes copious hair growth all over her body. Sob. Sigh. And this is a comedy.

With few or no expectations of finding love and happiness, she rejects suicide and decides to make the most of her “furry” life living in the wild. Believe it or not, she becomes a best-selling author whose passionate words speak to the masses imprisoned by unforgiving standards of conventional beauty. But then what?

Well, you see, the time comes when she has to, has to, has to, find a mate or go nuts, so she returns to civilization. Her practically 24/7 electrologist — I mean, the job is huge — played by — couldn’t you just die — Rosie Perez — becomes her best friend and introduces her to the “perfect” man, Tim Robbins. The trouble is Tim’s a cuckoo case, a scientist filled with neuroses and self-loathing, who can’t stand anything wild. He’s even interested in teaching table manners to mice!

Will the abnormally hairy nature writer reveal the true facts about her body or will she spend her life shaving in secret? I’ll go watch Patricia stretch herself if you will. Only let’s go early so we don’t have to stand in line.

On a more noble note: On June 11, in the Atrium of the magnificent Pierpont Morgan Library, Philippe de Montebello will be honored at the Chateau de Blerancourt Award Dinner by the American Friends of Blerancourt. The Friends think Philippe is le meow de le chat because of his great contribution to the relationship between France and the United States which, I don’t have to tell you, isn’t always a stroll through the Bois de Boulogne. The Morgan Library is eminently suitable for the dinner as American heiress Anne Morgan, the daughter of mighty tycoon J. Pierpont Morgan and a terminal Francophile, once owned Blerancourt where she lived and worked for the war effort (World War I that is) and which she later gave to the French government.

As for Philippe de Montebello. Who with even the teensiest claim to culture doesn’t know Philippe? Born, bred and schooled in an illustrious French family in Paris, he arrived in the United States in 1950 and became a citizen five years later. Most of his professional life has been with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he is the highly visible director and chief executive officer. The Friends say he “possesses that unique quality, a truly transatlantic vision, on which he has drawn fully to illuminate and guide his 20 years at the helm of the Museum.” So bravos to Philippe whose mellifluous voice ringing through its halls has become almost synonymous with the Met.

The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s association committee will descend on Escada today for a reception and fashion show at its Fifth Avenue salon. They will also pick up a fat check for the Center’s Department of Pediatrics, which helps cancer-stricken children from all over the world. Renee Rockefeller will be there and so will Tory Burch and Jamee Gregory and Muffie Aston and Jennifer Creel — and maybe even you?