The bag was mixed in beautiful Sun Valley over the holidays, but mostly showfolk abounded, along with a pol or two. They were as hard to miss as ever, hitting the restaurants, the slopes and the parties. Maria Shriver, the flower of the Kennedy family (Eunice is her mother), was staying at the family house with her terminally muscular husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose biceps are as big as his box office and the bundle he makes.

Arnie wasn’t skiing. He’s still recuperating from that motorcycle accident in Los Angeles and six broken ribs. “Even though I can ski,” he says, “I could fall and break the rib cage all over again.” A beautiful mind.

He and Maria were at the Sun Valley premiere of “The Shipping News,” which they both enjoyed. So did Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest, Carol and Scott Glenn (he’s in the movie), Lili and Richard Zanuck, former Los Angeles mayor Richard Riordan and his wife, Nancy, Donna Karan, Lois and Buzz Aldrin, the Rob Reiners, Steve Wynn of the Las Vegas Wynns, that sort of thing. The premiere of a top Miramax flick is hosted every year by Warren and Barbara Cowan. That’s Warren’s business, public relations and marketing. It brings in all the tippy-toppers in town.

As ever, the Riordans gave their annual ice skating party at the Sun Valley Lodge. And it would have warmed you all over to see Riordan and Bill Simon chatting away in the middle of the rink — these two Republican opponents for this year’s California gubernatorial nomination!!! Wow. Someone said maybe they’ll even vote for each other. It’s easy to get carried away in that altitude.

Earlier that day, the Riordans went to the Aldrins’ elegant luncheon in the beautiful dining room of the Sun Valley Lodge. Producer Dick Zanuck skied in right from the slopes. So did the painter Jane Wooster Scott, Angela Hemingway and about 50 male and female snow bunnies. They were covered head-to-toe in woollies to ward off frost — or any other kind of — bite.That’s the way some of them look best.

Maria Shriver snowshoed her way around Ruth and Jake Bloom’s 100-acre spread before landing at their splendid new house for brunch, where Arnie was examining the amazing art collection that the house was built to showcase. Then everyone repaired to the huge kitchen to serve themselves from two dozen dishes. And that’s what it’s like down home in Sun Valley. Sort of.

Joan Collins will wear a lavender wedding dress designed by her favorite designer, Nolan Miller, when she marries Percy Gibson next month in London. “Because white would never do,” Joan says, recalling her four previous attempts at nuptial bliss. “Even though they were marriages,” she says, “not weddings.” She is very proud of her ring, which Percy bought at Fred Leighton, a beautiful heart-shaped diamond set in gold. “Just what I wanted,” she said.

Joan, looking wonderfully wasp-waisted, long-legged and happy, wearing black chiffon embroidered with crystals, said all this at the party Connie and Randy Jones gave for her and Joan Rivers at their far-flung apartment (24-foot ceilings). You can say this for Ms. Collins, she has never let down the side, forever glam. She is marrying for love. “I never married for money,” she says. “Anyhow, most very rich men are ugly.” (Not you, darling). To which there was a murmur of feminine assent from all sides.

Much has been made of the big age difference between Joan and Percy. She’s 68; he’s 36. So what? She looks years younger than her age and as I read in Suzy’s column once — all, I wrote it — in many cases, a step like this is far from a bad idea. Because everyone knows women live longer than men, so if you marry a younger man you not only get to live with him, you get to die with him!!!

As for Joan Rivers, she was all in black silk organza ruffles and just back from boating in the Caribbean — her boat — with Blaine and Robert Trump, Robert Higdon, Pete Hathaway et al.

Marylou Whitney, in sables and a new diamond necklace that John Hendrickson, her (younger) husband, gave her, flew in from one of their numerous residences for the party. John just sold one of their yearlings for $4 million, so the time was ripe for the necklace. La bella Carolina Herrera wore a smart black silk suit designed by Carolina Herrera and her beautiful new pearls. She and her husband, Reinaldo, arrived with his smashing cousin Mercedes, here from Venezuela on a little visit. More about all this on Friday when you’ll read here, as advertised, about C.Z. Guest and her party at “Templeton,” the Guest country house.

For the first time, Harry Winston will carry a line of jeweled evening bags designed by Renaud Pellegrino of Paris, who was inspired by the tiny jeweled vanity cases of the Thirties, known as minaudieres that sat on every fine lady’s dressing table. On Monday, Ronald Winston is inviting some of his favorite New Yorkers to drop by his atelier for a glass of champagne and to view 21 different styles, each decorated with jewels and with a cultured pearl bracelet as a handle. Among the invited are C.Z. Guest, Marisa Berenson, Caroline Kennedy, Kimberly Rockefeller, Muffie Potter Aston, Anne Hearst, Lauren Bacall, Vera Wang, Princess Pavlos of Greece, Mary McFadden, Annette de la Renta, Allison Stern, Susan Burden, Barbara de Portago, Pauline Trigere, Blaine Trump and, oh yes, Brooke Astor. Is that all? Anyhow, the precious clutches, which run from $1,200 to $390,000, will be displayed — and for sale — at the Fifth Avenue salon. A little something for everyone.