The great good news today is that the glamorous Rena Kirdar (Mrs. Sami) Sindi, so much a part of young New York society, has just had her second child, a girl, born Monday but yet to be named. (Give them a minute; they’re still thinking it over).

Rena’s parents, Nada and Nemir Kirdar of the Investcorp Kirdars, arrived here from London for the big event. If the baby girl grows up to be as dramatically good-looking as her mummy and her grandmummy, well, in about 18 years, watch out out there.

Rena is known for her imaginative parties, designed around a theme, and frequent. She’ll be giving one on March 5 in the private room of Daniel, a dinner for 20 along with co-host Dana Cowin, the editor in chief of Food and Wine magazine. The theme of the party is “Signatures” and for the guests’ delectation, there will be signature dishes from three signature chefs: Nobu Matsuhisa, Daniel Boulud and Claudia Fleming. The guests are being asked to wear the signature clothing of a specific designer, vintage or new, or come in their own specific signature style. That should be “signature” enough for anybody, wouldn’t you say?

The Daniel dinner party will be among those featured in Rena’s upcoming book on theme parties, called “Parties” (surprised?) to be published in October of this year by Assouline. It is described as a lavish and instructive account of 15 terrific parties organized especially for the book, not just a photo album but a detailed and practical guide to building a beautiful theme party from start to finish. Among those who will give parties with Rena and for the book are the New York City Ballet, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Christie’s, and Rena’s dear friends Marjorie Gubelmann, Serena Boardman, Bettina Zilkha and Muriel Brandolini. And if that isn’t what friends are for, then what?

Jane Seymour of the flicks and the telly will help kick off Fashion Week next Wednesday afternoon, with the debut of her first signature collection of clothes at a high tea at Doubles. Jane, who has won Golden Globes and Emmys, is probably the only “Bond Girl” to receive an OBE (Order of the British Empire) at the hands of Queen Elizabeth. And during her career she has played such women of style as the Duchess of Windsor, Marie Antoinette and Maria Callas, so with this show she is realizing another life-long dream.

Jane Seymour grew up in England designing her own dance clothes which she wore as a teenager in the London Festival Ballet. Between plies, she dreamed of some day being a fashion designer. Now she is.

She has had six children, become an acclaimed painter and managed to star for years in the hugely successful TV series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” Several of her floral paintings have been translated into a collection of 45 pieces, lusciously colored silk chiffon dresses, printed jeans, hand-beaded separates, all to be displayed at Doubles, the private Fifth Avenue club. The noted florist Michael George will re-create her painted blossom as bouquets, which the models will carry before tossing them into the arms of all those lovely ladies who go everywhere and do everything and that you read about ad infinitum, but not today.

You will probably be thrilled to hear that ravishing Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, the supermodel cum actress who plays the mysterious loner biker-babe member of a notorious renegade sports team in the upcoming updated remake of “Rollerball,” turned down the movie’s first script after reading that her character’s part involved a lot of — mercy — nudity! Now there’s a little lady who has her head screwed on right! It’s a smart woman who can keep her drawers on when movie “stars” all about her are dropping theirs and blaming it on the zeitgeist — or an overheated director.

But there’s such a happy ending. Six months later, Rebecca changed her mind when she reread the re-sent script. “A lot of changes had been made,” she says. “It was an entirely different movie with a really good message. I loved it.” (Of course there are those who would rather appear buck naked than be in a movie with a message, but that’s another story).

“My character, Aurora, was originally written as a Russian,” she says. “I’ve never done a Russian accent, but I have a lot of family in Holland so I’m very familiar with Dutch accents, so we rewrote her as a Dutch woman who’s been living in Russia.” Ingenious, absolutely ingenious.

In “Rollerball,” blond Rebecca wears a black wig and her beautiful face is marred with a fierce scar. Calling herself “a bitch on wheels,” she loved riding a motorcycle and careening around in fast cars. Off-camera, too, until director John McTiernan put a stop to it. Now she’s begging to buy a bike, but her husband, John Stamos, put the brakes on that idea. Enough vrrrrrooommmm-ing already. Enough that you got to keep your old school tie on.