Scoop: Sienna Miller has forgiven Jude Law for cheating with his children’s nanny. Ex-nanny, that is. She has told her close friends she has decided to give their love story another chance. Because she understands Jude’s feeling lonely and vulnerable right now and believes he honestly regrets his bad behavior and worse judgment. These close friends say the relationship is now stronger than ever.

It is also being whispered that Sienna is pregnant and wants the baby. A quiet wedding, possibly around the holidays before the baby’s birth, is being talked about. But neither a firm decision nor a definite date has been set.

Jude has given Sienna her engagement ring back and although she’s not wearing it yet, she has kept it in a safe place where she can get to it quickly when she decides the time is right to wear it in public again. Both Sienna’s and Jude’s parents are said to be hopeful the star-crossed lovers will indeed marry before the baby is born. As someone once said, “To err is human; to forgive divine.” Jude is lucky Sienna believes that.


Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony, are planning to spend more time in New York and have hired Thom Filicia to decorate Marc’s rambling house on Long Island. They just want a comfortable friendly home, you understand, not anything like Lopez’s showplaces in Los Angeles and Miami. Predictably, this is firing up rumors Jennifer is pregnant. That began when the star was seen recently buying baby clothes in a Los Angeles boutique. If she is, you couldn’t tell at the New York premiere of her new movie, “An Unfinished Life,” the other night when she was as slinky as ever in a tight top cinched with a tighter belt and an impossible-to-hold-your-tummy-in satin skirt with not a bulge in sight. Except for the one (ones?) that made her famous in the first place.


The Labor Day weekend was heaven at Cornelia Guest‘s estate, Templeton, one of the great houses on Long Island. The beautiful house (very, very big) and gardens (even bigger) are in as perfect shape as a dozen gardeners under Cornelia’s supervision can make them. The principal rooms and giant marble entrance hall of Templeton have just been redecorated by Cornelia herself and Todd Romano in a luxurious gold-and-blue style to which Cornelia has been accustomed all her life, only more so. She loves the way it looks and so did her weekend guests and every one of her 11 dogs, all shapes and sizes and breeds — Mickie, Goose, Arthur, Jackson, Nelson, Pansie, Babe, Lilly, Monkey, Pansie II and Bengi — who just stood around grinning at everything. But never mind the dogs — if you don’t count the humans, the star of the weekend was Cornelia’s darling little new donkey, gray with brown spots, a stand-up mane to match and dreamy eyes. She has the run of the premises and Cornelia has named her Madonna.

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Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia was there showing off his great body and golden tan. The prince, you know, is a jewelry designer, the creator of “the new look in pearls” using Salvador Assael‘s famous pearls, of course. Along with these are other of his distinctive bijoux, which his fans are already calling heirlooms to be handed down generation to generation, (Good God, Dimitri!)

His latest craze is his tiny watch ornaments called “ding-dongs” (don’t you love it?) made of semiprecious stones encrusted with precious diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, etc., and meant to dangle from your wristwatch. Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus and oodles of other luxury emporia carry them. Another Dimitri showpiece made for a San Francisco socialite is an ebony cuff bracelet set with a 20-plus-carat yellow diamond. The last word in hippie chic.

Speaking of San Francisco, another guest, Boaz Mazor, would seem to be that city’s darling, if you go by his press. The papers there call him Oscar de la Renta‘s “devilishly charming aide-de-camp,” and the ladies who flocked to buy Oscar’s latest collection sold this summer by Boaz at the designer’s summer fashion show at Lake Tahoe just adore him, maybe because he “expertly advises, compliments and cajoles them all.” (Good God, Boaz!)

William Ivey Long, the great costume designer, the toast of Broadway and Cornelia’s pal, dropped in for lunch one fine day. You should know he is off to Paris to visit Lee Radziwill before it’s back to Broadway to do the costumes for the new Huey Long musical starring Sean Penn as Huey. (Good God, William!)

As for Cornelia, she more and more resembles her famous mother, the late fashion icon C.Z. Guest. As a hostess, Cornelia is superb and her chef, Colin Shandly, is one of the great ones. C.Z. would be so proud.


Jodie Foster, whose new movie, “Flightplan,” will be released shortly, proclaims she would rather look her age than have plastic surgery. She says she doesn’t want to end up looking like Cher. “I’m starting to see all the funny changes, but I don’t want to compete in a losing battle. I don’t want to be Cher.” And obviously, Cher doesn’t want to be Jodie, either.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg has declared Tuesday D&D Day, so absolutely wonderful interior designers such as Albert Hadley, Joanne de Guardiola, Tony Ingrao, Richard Mishaan, Bunny Williams, John Rosselli and Mario Buatta will join 100 other absolutely wonderful interior designers in celebrating the 40th anniversary of the D&D Building with a party on the terrace of the Astra Café. Jamie Drake, the mayor’s decorator, has created a ruby red decor in honor of the occasion, and Alex Donner and his band will do everything they possibly can to get the crowd on its feet. Eva Dillon, Diana Quasha and Clo and Charles Cohen will host the evening, which benefits that worthy of worthies, the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House.


Jamee Gregory, Mai Harrison, Gillian Hearst-Shaw, Sharon Bush and Francis Hayward are giving a musical featuring the Russian National Orchestra Wind Quintet at the home of Janna Bullock on Monday, an evening prelude to the group’s performance at the opening of the Guggenheim Museum’s “Russia!” exhibit on Wednesday. Among those who are expected to grace the musical are such as Kimberly Rockefeller, Patricia Hearst, Muffie Potter Aston, CeCe Cord, Jackie Rogers and Joanna Mastroianni, who is showing her all-white spring collection in Bryant Park earlier in the day.

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