Katie Holmes just scooped the part of Andy Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick in the movie “Factory Girl” right out from under the pretty nose of Sienna Miller. Miller was originally cast to star in the project but because she is opening in Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” in London on June 27, the producers were forced to search for a replacement. They thought Kate Hudson, Brittany Murphy and Kate Bosworth, but when Holmes auditioned, they knew they had found their Edie, the Sixties icon. The movie will start shooting in New York in June and Gwen Stefani and her husband, rocker Gavin Rossdale, have key roles. Guy Pearce will play Andy Warhol.

Katie’s leading man in real life, Tom Cruise, picked her up after the audition and the twosome is planning a trip to Santa Barbara to interview Sedgwick’s husband Michael Post and will also visit Edie’s California grave. As for her relationship with Tom, Katie says she herself has chosen to be in the public eye and that the pressure she is under is her own. “I just don’t want to get into the celebrity couple trap where your relationship is subject to a lot of nasty speculation. You read so much about some couples and how their lives come under so much scrutiny and you know it must be terrible for them.” You’ll know more about this as time goes on, Katie, you surely will.


Luscious Arriana Boardman was hard to miss at the opening gala for the Chanel exhibit at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum, dressed as she was in one of Badgely Mischka’s greatest hits, a confection of gold brocade and pale blue gray silk, mid-calf length, with an embroidered bodice and full, almost ballgown-y skirt. That bodice was low low low, plunging into a V. As in va-va-voom.

As for designer Jackie Rogers, now there’s a fashion figure who knew all about Chanel from the top of her saucy chapeau to the tip of her famous beige and black slingbacks. Known to be one of Chanel’s favorite models and her muse, it seems Jackie pulled a suit out of mothballs to wear to the Chanel retrospective, one given to her by Chanel herself for the Broadway opening years ago of the musical “Coco,” a song-and-dance extravaganza about the fashion immortal (Jackie knew Chanel herself would never appear at “Coco” once she found out Katherine Hepburn was playing her and not Audrey Hepburn). Like Chanel, Jackie is no shrinking violet and, following in her mentor’s footsteps, she designs for such discerning clients as Donna Acquavella, Dorothy Hamill and Pia Lindstrom at her ateliers in New York and Palm Beach, Fla.

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Betty Knight Scripps, the newspaper heiress, has added a new abode to her collection of houses, which includes a seaside villa at the Lyford Cay Club in the Bahamas and a delta plantation overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville, Va. Betty just bought an estate of more than 8 acres in East Hampton with a magnificent classical French manor house plop in the middle. There are marble floors and terraces, fancy millwork, nine fireplaces with hand-carved mantles, wooden balconies in the master suite and doesn’t it all sound like fun?

What really makes the estate so special is that those acres are all planted with custom-made gardens. There is a lily pond, a lotus pond, allees of trees, a free-form park, a woodland walk, an evergreen garden, two acres of pear trees, cherry trees and yews. There is a profusion of flower species including hydrangeas, kousa dogwood, sweet bay magnolias, pear trees, ever so many evergreens and an 80-year-old Tanyosho pine tree flanked by heath and heather. In Southampton you are nothing without kousa dogwood and a Tanyosho pine of your very own, and don’t you forget it.

Betty’s mother was French and the ancestral home in France was called Chateau Amorois and listen to this: Betty has named her new house Chateau Amorois. Charming, n’est-ce pas? An army of workers is getting the place ready for Betty’s arrival on June 15. She’d love to be there a little earlier, but she must be in Washington on June 10 as she is the chairman of the Washington National Opera Ball at the Brazilian embassy. Life can be so beautiful.


Marymount Manhattan is delighted to announce that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be its commencement speaker on May 20 at Avery Fischer Hall. Along with the senator, Ron Chernow, the author of “Alexander Hamilton,” and James Buckman of Cendant Corp. will be awarded honorary doctoral degrees and a gold medal. (I got mine in 1991 and I’m still proud).


It’s spring. The birds and the bees are humming and love is in the air all over the universe. Elizabeth Jagger, Mick‘s daughter, and Sean Lennon are in Paris on a romantic holiday with her mommy Jerry Hall. Russell Crowe and his wife, Danielle, are turning heads in Sydney as they stroll arm-in-arm with their 18-month-old Charles along the waterfront at Woolloomooloo Bay as if they are the only ones there and the only ones who can spell it.

In Porto Alegre, Brazil, where Athina Roussel competed at the international jump championships last week, the Onassis shipping heiress and her fiance, Doda de Miranda Neto, entertained the horsey crowd by kissing and cuddling between events. “We will marry on Dec. 3 but we just haven’t worked out all the details of the wedding yet,” says Doda, who has captured one of the richest girls in the world.

And Elton John turned over his villa in Venice to Victoria and David Beckham, who have chased the naysayers away by cooing through St. Marks Square like a pair of pigeons in love and wrapping themselves around each other in a gondola at midnight. Ain’t love, or something sort of like it, simply wonderful?


Halle Berry wants a baby and she says she doesn’t necessarily need a husband or a lover to do it. When did you first notice it Halle? “I’ll work it out somehow. I plan on making it happen.” Whatever Halle wants, Halle gets.

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