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Although the weatherman is predicting a typically horrid English day of icy wind and rain for the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles on Saturday, their happiness will surely warm up the day. Camilla will be looking her best and so will her jewels. It’s being whispered and predicted that Charles will present her with something new to wear to commemorate the auspicious occasion. Still, if he doesn’t spring for something new, she has a lot to choose from, including her trademark three-string pearl choker that belonged to her late mother, a turquoise and diamond necklace with matching earrings, a necklace of diamond daisies set in a gold-link chain, a big black pearl brooch, a diamond and emerald bracelet and an elegant diamond brooch in the form of the Prince of Wales’ three-feather emblem. Naturally, she’ll be wearing her favorite piece of jewelry — her square-cut diamond engagement ring flanked by baguettes set in platinum that belonged to Charles’ late grandmother, Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Right next to it will be the wedding band the prince will slip on her finger, made of Welsh gold.

In preparation for the big day, Camilla had her hair lightened earlier this week at Jo Hansford’s salon in Mayfair, which is also where Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Hurley get things done. Jo gave Camilla creamy and honey-blonde highlights “to give her hair body and oomph.” Her nails — and I’m not making this up — will be painted a color called Sugar Daddy. Who else would tell you these things? Except somebody close by in London.

Hugh Green, the noted hairdresser, will style her hair today and touch it up just before the wedding. He is being extra careful with the balance of the hat, the headdress and the tiara, which is why he is ensuring the hair is just perfect well before the wedding, today being the run-through. There were a total of six dress fittings and 10 hat fittings with designer Anna Valentine of Robinson Valentine and milliner Philip Treacy. (For more on Camilla’s outfit, see page 16.)

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The final dress rehearsal and fitting will be held today after Camilla’s visit to the hairdresser. Of course, designers have all been sworn to secrecy and will not reveal any of the specifics of the dresses and hats in advance of Camilla’s big day. They do promise that she will look elegant, glamorous and really fabulous. “She will look great and I think people will be surprised,” says Treacy. Camilla will carry a small, simple white bouquet. As for the groom, he has yet to decide between one of his proper Savile Row suits or a uniform with epaulets and rows of medals. He is, after all: Prince of Wales, Rear Admiral of the Royal Navy, Air Vice Marshal of the Royal Air Force and Major General of the Army.


It was wall-to-wall tycoons and cheek-to-jowl male bonding at the almost-too-crowded reception at the Four Seasons Restaurant, hosted by supermogul Rupert Murdoch and given in honor of Jack Welch, the legendary former chief executive officer of General Electric, to celebrate his new book, “Winning,” published by Harper Collins. (Among other things, Rupert Murdoch owns Harper Collins — but you knew that.)

Talk about fine-feathered financial phenoms flocking together: Even in the murky light of the Four Seasons Grill Room, one could see them, these Deal Makers, and as behooves a party like this one, the scene smelled a lot like money. Billionaire Barry Diller, Norman Pearlstine, Donald Marron, John Veronis, Ron Perelman, Les Moonves and such notables as Henry Kissinger and Dan Rather, all anchored their little corners of the room.

Welch’s book, written with his dearly beloved new-ish wife, Suzy, is being regarded by some as the Bible of business for generations to come. Before Welch stepped down from GE, his year after year successes around the globe were described as miracles of management. When he thanked the crowd for coming to the party, he said he did not have a speech prepared. “Speech writers are one of the things you lose when you retire,” he said.

Maybe so, but he hasn’t lost his capacity to draw a crowd. Among them: Mrs. Rupert (Wendy) Murdoch, Charlie Rose and Amanda Burden, Lauren Veronis, Veronica Hearst, Mary McFadden, CeCe Cord, Catie Marron, etc., etc., etc. It was worth your life to work your way across the room — the lights could have been stepped up a little — but Suzy Welch was finally spotted on the upper level of the Grill Room being “grilled” by a reporter from The New Yorker, who was taking left-handed notes. See Jack Welch’s replies to the Proust Questionnaire in May’s Vanity Fair, wherein he says the quality he most likes in a woman is “smart, sexy and fun, all mixed together.” Very apparently, Suzy W. fills the bill.


The night after the big 75th birthday celebration of Ambassador John Loeb Jr. at Blenheim Palace on June 11, the Earl of Dartmouth will entertain for John and his “wonderful lady,” Sharon Handler, at his own London residence. It may not be Blenheim — what is? — but it’s home sweet home to the Earl.


Lord Frederick Windsor, the son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, celebrated his 26th birthday on Wednesday night with a big, jazzy party at Annabel’s in London. Among the guests were Sienna Miller, who was wearing a Jezebel-red dress and having a grand old time with a bunch of her girlfriends. Sienna and her gang were intent on a long night of pub-crawling, so after Freddy blew out the candles on his cake, they headed over to Kabaret, another club, for more late-night fun. Her cute boyfriend, Jude Law, was nowhere in sight and since this is just the kind of behavior he claims he loathes, those trouble-in-paradise rumors, already rampant, have literally doubled and tripled overnight.


Hip, hip, hooray! Brad Pitt is no longer homeless. The thoroughly single hunk, who spent last weekend in a Palm Springs resort with Angelina Jolie, the poor dear, has moved into a $9 million Malibu home complete with three bedrooms, four bathrooms and a 70-foot swimming pool. His new neighbors include Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson.


As for rumors, another one has Kate Moss ordering 40 liters of bottled mineral water delivered to her home every day. It appears she is weary of the effects that calcium-heavy London tap water may have on her skin and uses the bottled water and only the bottle water for daily bathing.


Let’s all be thankful we won’t be seeing Mariah Carey behind the wheel heading to the Hamptons anytime soon. The diva says, “I don’t drive anymore because I was always distracted turning the radio to a new station and putting on lip gloss.” Oh my gawd.

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