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Jude Law is fueling rumors that he has secretly married his fiancée, the glorious Sienna Miller, by wearing a wedding band on his left hand, at least on his day off. The gold ring is definitely not part of his role in “All the King’s Men,” which he is filming right now in New Orleans with Kate Winslet, Patricia Clarkson, Sean Penn and Anthony Hopkins. Jude, who proposed to Sienna on Christmas Day, has said he doesn’t want to make a big deal of his second marriage, which gives further credence to the story. OK. So what is Sienna wearing on her left hand?


During the awards season, every actor has something they think is trenchant to say about their acting. Take Angelina Jolie, please, who says, “I’m finding my time at home with my son and traveling around the world with the U.N. more fulfilling and interesting than making movies.” She is also worried that her film work might conflict with her role as a Goodwill Ambassador. “I’ve never intentionally done any films that I thought sent a horrible message. I’ve done wild things or fun things but not socially irresponsible things.” Well, that’s one opinion right there.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been acting for 17 years, says, “This is what I really love doing and what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

Gwyneth Paltrow says: “I might not work for ages. Acting is a fantastic job but it’s not going to define my life.” You tell them, Gwyneth.

On the other hand, Gwyn will start shooting “Running with Scissors” in Los Angeles next month. So, to get in shape, she has borrowed Madonna’s trainer, who is known for his torturous technique that involves being strapped to a wooden rack while ropes and pullies stretch the body into shape. My goodness, that must sting. Can an Iron Maiden be far behind?

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After practically 3,000 costume changes in three years, Cher says she’s ending her long-running “Farewell Never Can Say Goodbye” tour. “I have lots more things I want to do in my career — but as far as ever going on the road again, this is it.” She will next play a Mary Kay Cosmetics salesperson alongside Bette Midler, Britney Spears and Tim Allen while shooting the movie “In the Pink.” She’s also planning to do a new album and a movie musical, which doesn’t sound like she’s going to rip off her wings for good, not to me.


Cate Blanchett is having trouble picking out her Oscar dress. She says the problem is her 10-month-old son Roman, who is always in her arms. Cate, nominated for her role as Katherine Hepburn in “The Aviator,” says she’s worried about trying on expensive dresses because the baby might bubble and burp all over them. “I’m too scared to put on a dress in case the baby spits up on it.” Really, darling? Don’t they have nannies in Hollywood?


Fashion week kicks off on Friday with an Anand Jon show and dinner at Christie’s to benefit the AMBA Project, which is helping victims of the tsunami. Tommy Hilfiger and Hillary Clinton are among the event’s biggest supporters. All the Hearst cuties — Amanda, Lydia and Gillian —  are expected, along with Elisabeth Kieselstein-Cord and Marissa Bregman. You will find them in the front row —  or else.

On Feb. 9, Douglas Hannant will present his collection at Bryant Park inspired by Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday.” This will be followed by a hot meal at the Royalton and among those saying yes to all of it are Sally Albemarle, Lorraine Bracco, Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler, CeCe Cord, Joan Rivers and Muffie Potter Aston, who has just arrived from California with her brand new blonde, blue-eyed baby twins, Ashleigh and Bracie. The girls have moved into their new pink and blue nursery on Park Avenue. And you’ll know about it when they crawl into their first fashion show.

On the 7th on Sixth closing day, Feb. 11, Ralph Lauren will show his collection at a space downtown at 11 a.m., followed at noon by Joanna Mastrioanni, who will show in the tents. Mastrioanni has dressed actresses such as Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Christina Ricci and Jane Seymour, who is wearing the designer’s clothes in her recurring role as a villainess on “Smallville.” Mastrioanni’s collection is inspired by French Art Deco and will feature custom diamond locks by Kaufmann de Suisse to fasten the dresses together. Catch me, I’m falling.


Fashion notes from the sunny south: Oscar de la Renta opened his new store in Miami’s exclusive Bal Harbour and who doesn’t know that the rite of passage in inaugurating new boutiques is the opening night cocktail party? They love Oscar in Miami. They love his clothes, too. About 700 fans poured into the store to prove it. The place was packed with people shopping, sipping or having their pictures taken, some all at the same time. The terminally chic Annette de la Renta was there, of course, to support dear Oscar. Annette’s daughter, Eliza Bolen, stayed in New York getting ready to welcome child number three into the world. But her husband, Alex, the chief executive officer of Oscar de la Renta, was there in person beaming overtime.

Later that night, Annette and Oscar gave a small dinner at the fabulous Art Deco pool at the Raleigh Hotel. Eric Ripert supervised the seafood paella, which everyone inhaled.

The renowned photographer Bruce Weber arrived in Miami with Nan Bush. Bruce is working on a new project, to save the wild burros and donkeys in the Southwest, and Annette, who loves all animals big and small, has signed on to help out. Jane Holzer drove from Palm Beach for the party and in the crowd were former Calvin Klein chairman Barry Schwartz and his wife, Sheryl; Carlos and Alejandrina Mejia; Paul Wilmot; Daisy Olivera and — hold everything — Lenny Kravitz, who pulled up a chair right next to Oscar to chat about fashion and music. Lenny loves fashion and Oscar loves music. When he plays the guitar and sings, everybody listens. Next up for Oscar in Miami is perhaps a big fashion show where, if all goes well, he’ll play the guitar and sing.


Paige Rense, the editor in chief of Architectural Digest, is giving a cocktail party in Florida tonight at Cafe Boulud in the Brazillian Court to kick off Palm Beach! America’s International Fine Art & Antiques Fair, which opens on Friday with a reception honoring Lord and Lady Rothermere. He is the son of the late international society figure, Pat “Bubbles” Rothermere and Vere Rothermere, the late British press giant. Among those expected are John Loring, Jane Buffet, Mario Buatta, Hilary Geary, Ann Downey and David Easton. They will stroll through vignettes created by interior designers Juan Montoya, Richard Mishaan, Geoffrey Bradfield, John Barman and Scott Snyder. Maybe they’ll even buy something.

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